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It is all true about modern kids

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RosaLuxembourg Wed 20-Jun-07 00:41:46

DD3 (aged 4) said something about sliding down the banisters to which DD1 (9) replied: 'Why on earth would anyone want to do that? It is just silly and dangerous.'

I rashly told her that I loved sliding down the banisters when I was her age and she looked at me as though I was a loon.

I expect she'll be an actuary when she grows up.

AngryMob Wed 20-Jun-07 00:44:59

Isn't there now a Risk Assessment exam paper in the SATS?

RosaLuxembourg Wed 20-Jun-07 00:50:25

Oh good. That's one A star in the bag then.

Marls001 Wed 20-Jun-07 01:04:30

Rosa - DH currently at the hospital with DS1 who might have a concussion from jumping off a chair & hitting his head on the corner of his bed ... so count your blessings. Wish DS thought like that. Could be he's so reckless b/c he's a boy ... or maybe he inherited it from skydiving, scuba diving DH & me?

tiredmumov3 Thu 21-Jun-07 18:22:59

my ds (6) has this issue with danger kids up trees or on bikes on the street have him up in arms he constantly reminds me to indicate at junctions (not that i would forget!) and it really does wear me really proud of his sense of right and wrong but crikey kid break a window!
i dont feel we are particularly over cautious with him i think its just a quirk in him some how.its something i feel im gonna have to watch though incase he gets ocd about safety in the future.his siblings have none of this and are both bruisers (ds2 and dd)

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