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Student nurse and not coping at all.

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louisebrownx Mon 12-Nov-18 20:26:55

I'm in my third year at university doing adult nursing and I finish next August 2019. I took a year out to have my baby and I've just returned back to uni a couple months ago.

I am seriously struggling with the aspect of leaving my baby, she is 15 months old. I work long 12 hour shifts so there is days I go the whole day without seeing her if I'm working two in a row. I feel really sad that I'm missing out on all this time with her.

I'm not sure if it's worth it anymore. I feel like I've been studying forever. I did 2 years previous at college and then 3 years at uni including the year I've taken out. It's taking me forever.

After a year out, I'm not sure I even want to be a nurse anymore. All the nurses I work with, hate their jobs and they are so miserable. I don't want this to be me. I don't know why I'm putting myself through it. I dread it so much. I feel so out of my comfort zone and I've no idea what I am doing half the time. I'm not smart and I don't know a lot. I feel like I'm way out of my depth with what I am doing.

I can't find the time to study and I have zero motivation to do any studying because I have a house to keep clean and a baby that I want to spend my time with. People tell me it's fine because it's only for a short while, but it won't be because even when I'm done, I'll still need to work and learn every day as it's a never ending process. I'm just worried that I've picked the wrong career for me and I'm not sure I'm gonna benefit from it. Please can someone make me feel like I'm doing the right thing.

worriedaunty Mon 12-Nov-18 20:30:42

You've come so far I would try and see it through, if you decide when you've graduated that you no longer want to be a nurse at least you will always have the degree to fall back on. You must know something otherwise you wouldn't have made it through the first two years, the end is in sight!

BifsWif Mon 12-Nov-18 21:04:39

Just one more year and you’ll be qualified. You’ll have your degree and you’ll have so many opportunities open to you.

Your daughter won’t remember this next year, and you’ll be working towards giving her a secure future. I think you’d regret it if you left at this stage.

harrypotterfan1604 Mon 12-Nov-18 21:07:51

I’m at the end of my second year and will be returning in August after having my baby in jan. I’ve chosen to go back early because I just want it done now.
It’s very disheartening when all the nurses you work with are so miserable and hate their jobs it frustrates me because they really shouldn’t be saying that kind of stuff in front of students!
You started the course for a reason, what was that? What made you want to be a nurse in the first place?
The nhs has problems at the moment and I’m afraid nursing is very difficult for the wrong reasons but what the profession needs right now is passionate nurses who strive to make a different.
The oh so wonderful nye bevan once said the nhs will only last as long as there are people willing to fight for it. So if it really is a passion then fight for it!!
Your doing this now for different reasons too, for your daughter. To set yourself up in a good career sets her up for a nice life. I appreciate leaving her just be really hard for you but you can do this! She will appreciate it in the long run when she’s looking up to her mummy telling school she wants to be a nurse just like her mummy because she’s so proud of you 😀

Gildashairflick Mon 12-Nov-18 21:13:56

I had a baby in the middle of my training when being a single mum meant you were automatically classed as a scourge on society (yes I'm looking at you daily mail). My mum helped me 3 days a week and I finished my last year 5 years after I started my training as a carefree 18 year old. I have held some incredibly senior roles in nursing where I have been able to influence policy and change. I have had a very wide and varied career and I now work in the best job (in my eyes) in nursing learning some new skills in a highly specialised area. I nearly packed in when I didn't see my daughter for 3 days a week on the trot. I got up at 5 and was back at 10 each day. 2 buses each way in all weathers. I was glad I had youth on my side! I was lucky I could work all 3 together so my mum could come down to help. Those other 4 days on my own were hard as all my friends were out living their life. It was tough but worth it. Dig deep and get through this last year. Even if you don't continue as a nurse after, its an achievement and a qualification. Nursing is so diverse you should find a job that fits in with your family better.

TintarellaDiLuna Mon 12-Nov-18 21:16:15

Try to hang in there. There is more to nursing than wards like practice nursing or community nursing. Maybe one of those paths will suit you better.

MummyStudentNurse Thu 22-Nov-18 20:16:54

It’s worth it, you’ve come this far. It’s more difficult for you than her atm. Just remember why you started, the career you will finish with and how proud your little one will be of you

Starsandthemoonx Fri 23-Nov-18 09:31:30

I have been at college past 2 years I done access to nursing then hnc care and Adminstritive practice I am now in 2nd year uni doing integrated health and social care! honestly I understand how you feel completely I have a now 5 year old and 4 years old and my babies were 3 and 2 when I started studying I had placement in my hnc which was 188 hours 12 hour shifts etc. I knew nursing wasn't for me at that point as I don't keep well and was too much long shifts for me hence the reason I swapped. You have worked so hard and it really is demanding when you have kids you are near the end soon it will be over and you could even work within a community place 9-5 rather than 12 hour shifts you can also go and work at a hospice or things like that. You have came to far too give up now am am sure your baby gives you more of a push to do well! nursing is a really hard job on your feet all day but they are amazing people who do amazing jobs (some of them) it will be over soon you can be on a good wage and your daughter will know how hard you have worked to provide for her when she is older. I am also currently 13 weeks pregnant so need to finish this year uni and then take a year out. I'm still even thinking of changing my mind and going into radiography everything is always so indecisive you never know if you are making the right decision xxx

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