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anxious 10 yr old

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babyjamas Tue 19-Jun-07 13:26:10

ok, ds (10yrs) has always been a slightly anxious sort of boy. About 2 years ago i 'lost' dd1 at a sports centre for 5 minutes (seemed like longer) - he was with me and saw me get increasingly more worried as the time went on, until we found her. Cue a year of terrible anxiety for him where she was concerned - always wanting to know where she was, who she was with (sounds like not a lot but believe me it was intense). I always felt it was a phase so let it see itself out - which it did, more or less, certainly wasn't to the extent that it had been. But it's all come back again recently (all due to the Maddeline McCann stuff). He is beside himself wanting to know her eery movement, to the extent thatthe poor girl can't even go and play in the garden without her 'shadow' checking on her every 30 seconds. I wouldn't mind but the rest of the time they argue and fight. I have tried explaining the unlikelihood of anything happening but he just says 'but it could though' whichi can' reall argue with. I m getting v frustrated with him and end up shouting which really does not help. any advice? dashing now but will check later.

AngryMob Wed 20-Jun-07 00:31:57

I would go to see your GP, without your son, and see what he recommends you do in order to help your son with his anxiety.
Perhaps some relaxation exercises might help?
Do your DCs attend the same school - and if so, is he concerned about her there too?

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