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Cosmetic Surgery App for children??

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Yummypickle1234 Sun 28-Oct-18 19:18:26

There's an account on Instagram called @NurserySurgery and they're promoting an app aimed at children where they can make their lips and chest bigger. This is disgusting. This is the effect the bloody Kardashians have on our babies nowadays angry. But that isn't even the worst part, an actual surgeon named Doctor Lewis will perform these procedures on any child as long as they're under the age of 12 and as long as they use this app? I guess he works for them or something? shock . could u all please report the account?

Bombardier25966 Sun 28-Oct-18 19:25:24

The picture of the surgeon is a stock photo. He's not necessarily anything to do with the nursery surgery account.

Looking at the photos, I'd be pretty certain it's a wind up.

Summersun111 Sun 28-Oct-18 19:32:27

Just looked, it looks like a joke page!! Not my cup of tea but each to their own haha

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