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Prank Calls

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marvelmum Fri 26-Oct-18 11:16:18

I have recently found out my daughter and her friend has pranked call another girl at school. I have seen the messages she received from the other girl saying she knows it was her as she was screaming down the phone and just hung up, she has threatened that her mum is going to call the police. I am extremely angry at my daughter and have taken her phone away and disabled instagram. She is normally a really good girl, intelligent with outstanding parent evening's everytime. I'm so upset at her and have spoken to her about bullying, harassment etc. She is very sorry and I'm sure it won't happen again but I'm just so upset that it happened in the first place. What would you do as punishment? Is taking her phone away enough? Husband seems to think its part of growing up but I can't help seeing this as bullying.

florafawna Fri 26-Oct-18 11:33:52

"The truth is that prank calls themselves are not illegal. However, if you are saying abusive things or making threats during a prank call, this could be considered harassment and could get you in trouble. If you are continuing to phone someone repeatedly, even after they have asked you to stop calling, this could be considered “malicious calling” as it causes distress."

That said, I'd discourage your daughter from getting involved with stuff like this. It can end badly.

The other girl just needs to block her number though - no need for all the drama!

marvelmum Fri 26-Oct-18 16:03:08

I believe she was screaming down the phone or shouting as that is what the other girl has put in the text she sent her. I will definitely discourage her from getting involved with anything like this. I have disabled all of her instagram accounts, she seems to have a few on the go so I will give her the option of deleting them all but 1 and having the same password for everything which I have set or she just doesn't get her phone back.

Thanks for the link.

FishCanFly Fri 09-Nov-18 16:27:39

Pranking a wrong person can get you in trouble big time - I'd try to give her a big scare

marvelmum Fri 09-Nov-18 16:42:43

Thank you for your reply. Yes I did give her a big scare and safe to say she won't be doing that again.

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