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Draw and guess multiplayer app

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Bobaboutwhat Mon 15-Oct-18 08:46:46

I downloaded the above app for my 9 year old son as it looked liked fun and marketed for children. I was aware that at this is a multiplayer game, I should keep an eye on him playing (there were no filters, you have to play with everyone) Everything seemed fine until I suddenly spotted a username that was so disgusting I closed the app straight away and told my son someone was ‘being silly’ etc. I wanted to report this user so went back on and clicked ‘complain’ next to the username - that was it...I was not asked about the nature of my complaint at all. I then went on it again later on to see if the username was still being used - it was not. However, the person whose turn it was to draw, drew an arrow at my username and starting writing threatening, disgusting and violent language towards me saying it was me that made them change their user name. I am so shocked that this is allowed to happen - I am not naive, I know that as parents we have to be vigilant towards apps and identify the ones which are open to any type of cretin - but, the fact that this is marketed towards children i.e. colourful, childlike graphics, cute crocodile holding a paint brush etc. Is so misleading and shocking. There - rant over!

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