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May Babies.......part3!!

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Egypt Wed 25-Aug-04 09:06:04


Twiglett Wed 25-Aug-04 09:06:56

message withdrawn

Judd Wed 25-Aug-04 09:35:37

Phew, found it! Pity I have nothing to say really........

libb Wed 25-Aug-04 09:55:52

Ooh, GeorginaA will be cross with you - she started a new thread very late last night! I am sure she will forgive you though.

Glad everyone liked the piccies, he has his father's big brown eyes thank goodness. Alas I think the big round face might be from me . . . .

Twiglett Wed 25-Aug-04 09:59:54

message withdrawn

libb Wed 25-Aug-04 11:37:38

All these new threads are making my head hurt!

libb Wed 25-Aug-04 11:39:20

Thank you for all your compliments too - I guess he ain't so bad! I am missing the newborn a bit, my latest version of DS is getting quite an attitude!

kbaby Wed 25-Aug-04 11:46:49

Good grief, you girls talk. I was only away for 1/2 day and log on to loads of new messages.

Not much to report here. Gave dd a 6oz bottle of ebm at 11pm and then had some more off the boob and she slept until 3.30am and then again until 6.30. Im sure you can guess what ill be doing again tonight. Egypt hopefully this works although I suspect only for a few days until dd cracks on to what im doing and decides shes going to spoil the plan.
The hv said not to worry too much about her weight yet. We have to go back in 2 weeks. She said it may because shes become so active and is using the calories instead of storing them. As long as she doesnt drop 2 centiles then apparently thats ok. First thing MIL said was 'so your putting her on formula now' I was like 'no' shes desperate for dd to be on formula when she was first born she said she cried all the time as my milk wasnt satisfying her.

Now about this crying lark. Maybe this is where I go wrong. I never leave dd to cry and as soon as she cries after a nap I run and get her and if she cries when I put her down I pick her back up. How long is it ok to leave her cry??
When I did leave her cry yesterday as I was hot with the struggle of holding a skirming tired baby she cried for 3 minutes and i couldnt bare anymore and picked her up, kept thinking shell think im a wicked mum for leaving her cry.

kbaby Wed 25-Aug-04 11:49:35

right now dd's been napping for 45 minutes. Shes awake and I ve checked on her and shes playing with a sheep. Normally I wouldve picked her up by now assuming shes finished napping. I suppose the fact that shell go back to sleep on my lap shouldve been one clue that shes still tired.

What if she cries really hard, do I still leave her for a bit?

GeorginaA Wed 25-Aug-04 12:50:17

Now I know that I wanted a new thread, but I think 3 new threads are a bit excessive ;)

Twiglett Wed 25-Aug-04 15:55:22

message withdrawn

Egypt Wed 25-Aug-04 16:50:47

ooops sorry! how did i start 2? and see yours georgina sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spots Wed 25-Aug-04 22:20:10

hello new thread. I am eating lots of black chocolate because it's been *such* a tiring day. I kept being late for things and having to run with the buggy. Had board meeting this evening and took dd (she was so good and I hope her contributio9ns are minuted.) Just got home at 9. so she's only just gone down to sleep. So you see I am in a very black chocolate frame of mind.

There's always a difference between crying and grumbling isn't there? I will leave dd to grumble but when it develops into actual crying I start to twitch.

hewlettsdaughter Wed 25-Aug-04 22:25:08

You lot just wanted to stay ahead of us April babies with your part 3 thread(s), didn't you

Judd Wed 25-Aug-04 22:31:34

And as you can see, HD, every post is a pearl of wisdom!
Oooh, just seen on Look North West that Geri Halliwell is turning on the Blackpool Illuminations this year!
Well, I rest my case

spots Wed 25-Aug-04 22:37:36

Arf arf HD! I just went visiting your thread too. Have an idea from it... Just wondered if anyone might be willing to help all the dunderheids who can't post photos (like me). And maybe make it seem a little less personal for those of us suffering from pervert paranoia. WOULD any kind and wonderful person receive one or two photos (emailed through CAT)from each person and open up a May babies one-off album??? or a babies album generally???

Having been unable to do this myself I don't really know how much trouble I'm suggesting that the kind and wonderful person go to and it may be that I'm being unreasonable.

Judd Wed 25-Aug-04 22:39:45

Dear Spots,
Very good idea!
Mrs D Head

Egypt Thu 26-Aug-04 07:57:56

superb idea spots - those techno wizards on april babies have one do they?????? Hmmm, well they didhave a head start ;)

so who's going to offer then??!!

Egypt Thu 26-Aug-04 08:07:10

i did my album thingy through cat82. her dh showed me how to do it, and it was using my free webspace with ntl. think most providers give you free webspace. so that if you go to : you can see our index of pics. realise this may be too impersonal for some, but if not i can send you instructions of how to set up an FTP (which is what you need to download first) in order to put piccies on web. mine was through ntl as that's our provider so not sure if the instructions i have from cat's dh are suitable for anyone with another provider, iyswim. i think it will if you just substitute all the usernames etc for yours.

kbaby Thu 26-Aug-04 10:46:24

im lost already

Egypt Thu 26-Aug-04 10:53:38

i was too but tis easy peasy lemon squeezy

any advice? last 2 nights dd has woken at 5am ish and NOT GONE BACK TO SLEEP arrrrrrgggghhhhh. am feeding her ebm at 7pm. she sleeps fine til 11 or 12 or 1 or 2 if i am lucky! has another feed then blinking wakes up at 5 never to return to slumber land. what am i doing wrong? she does have a big feed. do i need to give her another bottle to make sure she's taking enough? cos dont think i can express 2 bottles per day and i dont really want to give formula again, just out of preference.

spots Thu 26-Aug-04 16:30:21

Egypt do you know what? so is mine. Waking at 5 that is. So I can't offer any advice at all. Shite, isn't it?

GeorginaA Thu 26-Aug-04 17:17:48

Mine isn't waking at 5am (yet!) but that means I don't really have any advice either :(

Egypt Thu 26-Aug-04 17:19:22

oh dear! i posted this question on the sleep section and mears got back to me - but she answered more about bf v bottlefeeding and has severly changed my mind about ebm at bedtime. take a look there - may interest kbaby too.

spots Thu 26-Aug-04 22:22:53

Useful thread, wish I'd seen it before. Maybe that is why my dd feeds for so long in the evenings before bed... not so much comfort feeding, as getting lots of fatty hindmilk to keep her going.

Although as she feeds just as often during the night as she does during the day (well, almost) the idea of her 'stocking up' for those vast stretches of sleep... is a bit laughable. In a hollow laugh sort of way.

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