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nappyaddict Wed 13-Jun-07 01:43:45

do i need to buy a special kid's one or is it just a gimmick?

nappyaddict Wed 13-Jun-07 09:18:24


Seona1973 Wed 13-Jun-07 09:20:53

I do buy kids stuff but dont know if its a gimmick - although the Soltan kids stuff said not to use on children under 18 months. I have baby stuff, kids stuff and adults stuff!! (luckily they seem to be on offer at the moment and the supermarket own brands are very reasonably priced too with high star ratings)

Surfermum Wed 13-Jun-07 09:23:27

I used a baby one on dd the first summer, but I was fully into new mum syndrome at the time.

Since then I've just used to same as dh and I use.

nappyaddict Wed 13-Jun-07 13:59:55


nappyaddict Wed 13-Jun-07 19:47:41

i am guessing the kids stuff just has less chemicals in.

BexieID Thu 14-Jun-07 10:51:44

The Johnsons suncare one is £1.99 in Semi-Chem, I bought 2 bottles after buying the Nivea one on BOGOF in Boots. They just seem to have the highest SPF factor, the baby ones. Thr baby ones are probably just kinder to babies skin.

lilolilmanchester Thu 14-Jun-07 17:50:11

what age are your DCs? I used to buy baby ones when they were really little, but then moved on to normal, high factor stuff. I like the Avon sun stuff (don't laugh - it's really good!) and it's on some kind of offer most of the time.

kookaburra Thu 14-Jun-07 17:54:14

Pampers used to make some sunscreen wipes call 'sunnies' - have not seen them recetnly so maybe they did not catch on. Shame, becaue they were fantastic for the boys when they wer babies, and that even better good for getting a toddler as it ran past and topping up without the mess & palaver of the bottle or spray

easywriter Thu 14-Jun-07 17:54:58

I'm recommending Prosport suncream . You apply it once a day, it's waterproof. It also has the lowest time till the sunscreen kicks in that I've found. You can get it up to factor 44. It's non-greasy, doesn't seem to stain and I've used it on my daughters since they were 1.
I really love the stuff.

RubberDuck Thu 14-Jun-07 18:03:56

We use the plain adults Piz Buin all day factor 15 on me and eldest son (6). Was fine last year for youngest son (3) but this year has got a slight rash on his arms so have switched to UltraSun in case that was the cause.

I'm sure I read somewhere last year that factor 15 is the recommended as above that the protection isn't that much greater but it costs much much more.

RubberDuck Thu 14-Jun-07 18:05:53

Here you go: Cancer Help: Preventing melanoma

The SPF tells you the amount of protection the sun cream gives against UVB radiation. We recommend at least factor 15. This is because it gives the best balance between protection and cost. The higher factor creams are more expensive, but do not give much more protection than factor 15. If you use

* Factor 15, only 7% of the harmful UVB rays will get through
* Factor 30, only 4% of the harmful UVB rays will get through
* Factor 60, only 2% of the harmful UVB rays will get through

So you can see, you are getting some more protection with the most expensive creams, but not that much more. There is no sun cream that can give you total protection. 98% protection (with factor 60) is about the best you will get.

easywriter Thu 14-Jun-07 18:10:25

Agree with Rubberduck. The only thing I would add is that take into consideration where you are going.
If you are in England it's probably fine to go for factor 15 but if you're off to where the sun blazes like billy-o all day long e.g. the philippines then maybe that extra protection counts when it's your baby's skin.

RubberDuck Thu 14-Jun-07 18:15:48

Also bear in mind that sunlight on our skin is an important source of vitamin D - given that England doesn't get much sunshine and our short summers help build up our vitamin D stores for the winter months, I wouldn't like to use a much higher factor than 15 in this country anyway.

RubberDuck Thu 14-Jun-07 18:16:52

easywriter - yes, probably would pack a higher one for if we were in the Philippines - but then I'd also probably exercise more care in terms of length of time in the sun and in the shade between 11am and 3pm rather than rely on a higher factor entirely

frottie Tue 04-Aug-09 17:27:01

I have tried prosport too and it also didn't flare up my son's eczema which creams often do in the pool. I bought mine from

found better than the high street which i had to keep applying which nightmare when they are in the water all the time

TurtleAnn Tue 04-Aug-09 21:15:02

I like 'SunSense' it doesn't come in lesss than factor 50+ and there is a special one for Toddlers.
Unfortunately they don't make one for babies, so I use Nivea for babies.

When I enquired with various companies the response I got was that the difference was the factor rather than any difference in chemical make-up. Sun Sense were recommended by my dermatologist (for my skin), but as they are an Australian company I haven't telephoned to find out more about their product.

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