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Random question: Babies and libraries?

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chloem93 Mon 01-Oct-18 05:24:18

I'm thinking of doing a part time online module or access course but I won't have my own laptop not unless I invested in one, unfortunately I haven't got that kind of money to spare at the moment as my money is going towards things for the baby. So I've come to the conclusion that my only other option is using library computers which I'm fine with but I'm getting anxiety now just wondering if it's ok to be in the library with young babies. I'm worried someone will turn around and tell me to shut my baby up, it's kind of the same scenario as when babies cry on planes and people complain.
So is it ok for me to bring a young baby (under 1) to a library so I can study? I'm wondering if a tuition fee loan would cover a cheap laptop so I can avoid this entirely? Or whether you just get the loan that covers just the cost of the course itself and that's it? That might be a silly question but I've never taken out a student loan before so I wouldn't know.

preggersteach Mon 01-Oct-18 05:27:37

I don't think it's the same situation as a baby on a plane. Libraries are expected to be quiet places and so yes I would expect a crying baby would be a problem. I would not be happy to go to a library and have a crying baby there when I was trying to read or work in quiet. Hope you find some other solution - I would imagine a student loan would cover a laptop but depends what other outgoings you need to cover.

inquiquotiokixul Mon 01-Oct-18 05:47:34

Libraries are not expected to be completely silent these days. You would be fine for an hour or two if your baby was sleeping or awake but not screaming. Do you have a sling? Babies will often be very happy just strapped to mum while she gets on with other things. You don't need to spend £££ on an "official" sling - 6m of cheap fabric and Google how to tie a wrap sling.

I wouldn't advise getting a loan for a laptop. However, have a look at the Turn2us website to see if there are any grant-making local charities I'm your area who can help.

ApplestheHare Mon 01-Oct-18 05:52:09

I think you could find ways to keep a baby quiet in a library but the effort it would take would mean you wouldn't be able to study. Babies take an incredible amount of active looking after.

MyOtherProfile Mon 01-Oct-18 07:12:55

I wouldn't expect the baby to cry much so you would be fine from that point of view but I don't think you would get much done. I wonder who you could talk to about things like getting a laptop? Someone at a local college? Maybe a friend could lend you one? Or could you you to a friend's house with your baby for a couple of hours and use their computer?

Camomila Wed 03-Oct-18 17:24:33

I think you would be better off getting a cheap laptop, library computers often have time limits on how long you can use them and the internet connection isn't always great.

The idea of looking for organisationg giving grants is a really good one.

Starsandthemoonx Fri 23-Nov-18 09:39:33

I think it depends really in college no one had a baby in libary however in uni loads of people do as there is a quiet space within the libary. I would also say if you are doing a course there is usually discretionary funds which give you money to buy a laptop or if you have dyslexic or some sort of condition that makes it harder you can get a laptop from the disability support. hope this helps.

flighthelpneeded Fri 23-Nov-18 09:45:21

In a public library I think It would be fine if the baby was quiet, in a university library definitely not.

SleepingStandingUp Fri 23-Nov-18 09:52:29

I personally would look at taking out the student loan if you can and buy a laptop. It will be hard to keep little one entertained fully, and if the weather is crappy you won't want to cart her out through sleet and snow. It also means you can get work done once baby is alseeo

Remember you won't pay it back until you're earning decent money so don't stress about that. It's there to help you.

GemmeFatale Fri 23-Nov-18 10:39:52

Lots of libraries have individual study rooms/booths. You could investigate if one locally has any equipped with computers and then book that?

Or does your uni have a crèche? Pop baby on for a couple of hours, hammer through your work and head home.

I will say if you can pick up a cheap laptop it will help.

Starsandthemoonx Fri 23-Nov-18 10:47:25

people have babies in the university I go to all the time it is not quiet there are separate sections for that

BringOutTheDancingGirls Fri 23-Nov-18 19:34:21

If the baby is unsettled you won't be able to study, regardless of what anyone else thinks or what is appropriate in a library.

I think you will struggle without a computer at home. You can get refurbished ones pretty cheaply, or ask on a local FB site. People are often happy to pass on a much loved but maybe slow and not worth much £ laptop.

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