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Happygolucky009 Sun 30-Sep-18 22:18:51

Just found out my parents have invested in a webcam for 8yr ds. This seems like madness but before I demand they return it, does anyone allow their kids access to a webcam and what do they use it for? What are the risks?

Happygolucky009 Mon 01-Oct-18 06:05:21


scaevola Mon 01-Oct-18 06:13:56

At age 8, the presence of a webcam is irrelevant as the DC did not have unsupervised access to anything online. Public parts of the house only until secondary age. Not least because of the amount of other kit they''re built in to

By the time they are secondary age, they'll have ready access to smart phones (their friends' if not their own) and so you need to have taught them about cyber security before them, because that's the point where you will lose control by supervision for much of the time.

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