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You know you are finally a real mother when......

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PetitFilou1 Sun 10-Jun-07 19:39:38

You are eating a fruit Gu pudding and think 'that pot will make a good thruster for the rocket I'm going to build with ds'

bookwormmum Fri 15-Jun-07 21:27:23

You encourage everyone to go to the toilet before a journey of whatever duration (even 2 mins walk to the papershop) and have to resist the temptation to tell anyone who doesn't go 'to go and try' .

You look on enviously as your child happily demolishes chocolate/crisps/icecream in the back of your parents car ^when it is in motion^ when all these things were banned for you (partly in fear of travelsickness, partly as you were probably sitting on someone's lap, partly as they probably couldn't afford them).

You hear the illogical words 'because I said so' and 'I'm finishing it' coming out of your mouth and they don't even sound unfair to you .

gingeme Fri 15-Jun-07 21:10:00

You start saying things to your kids that your Mum used to say to you and they actualy make sense

autumnlover Fri 15-Jun-07 20:50:13

its friday night and yr children are either ill, asleep but about to wake up or refusing to sleep .... and you realise that this is yr life

MrsWho Fri 15-Jun-07 20:40:58

Its Friday night and you are in bed reading this

Katy44 Fri 15-Jun-07 16:28:40

"you want to cry with joy when your baby has that first real poo and you contemplate framing it"
very true - I offered to dig it out of the nappy bin to show DH, and i was only semi joking

easywriter Fri 15-Jun-07 16:11:33

The puke on your shoulder is actually THE latest is fashion accesories!

kels666 Fri 15-Jun-07 16:10:13

You give away an entire chocolate bar, after your toddler looks at it longingly

skidaddle Fri 15-Jun-07 15:42:49

you are so confused as to who is the mother and who is the baby that you mentally remind yourself to change your nappy before you leave

goldenwings Fri 15-Jun-07 15:38:53

oooh youve just reminded me. whilst at a restaurant you closely examine all highchairs and wipe down vigourously the one you want to use.

you order an alcoholic drink and because youve not had a drink in ages you finish it in five seconds flat.

after the meal you hand out baby wipes because hey they do a faaaaaaaar better job than napkins.

MascaraOHara Fri 15-Jun-07 15:30:50

You finish a meal in a restaurant in 5mins flat and only then look round and realise that everybody is still quietly nibbling away with all the time in the world.

You start saying 'Oh just pick it up and eat it, it'll be fine' referring to the sweet/ice-cream/biscuit that has happily landed itself right in the middle of the kitchen floor cos LO eating a dirty sweet is much easier than the 10 minutes of heartbreak.

You go shopping with a friend and everytime they leave a changing room/restaurant table/car etc you look round to check they haven't forgotten anything.

goldenwings Fri 15-Jun-07 15:24:07

when you walk round the supermarket with your hand shoved up a puppets bum entertaining your baby. he falls asleep you get to the checkout and discover puppet still there. so you have to buy it and give it a name.

your clothes are now mainly dark colours as you are sure it wont show all the dirt/sick/poo from the day.

you go out with cornflakes in your hair baby sick on your jeans and your blouse done up all wrong but guess what? YOU JUST DONT CARE.

you thank the gods when you and your hairbrush finally spend quality time together

you want to cry with joy when your baby has that first real poo and you contemplate framing it.

cat64 Fri 15-Jun-07 14:23:25

Message withdrawn

glamourbadger Fri 15-Jun-07 13:33:53

You struggle not to enthusiastically narrate your actions when alone in the supermarket "Shall we get some red apples!" or alone in the car "look, a funny dog!"

Kathyis6incheshigh Tue 12-Jun-07 22:14:27

You go out in the rain having taken ages getting your children togged up in wellies and mac and the raincover on the buggy.... only to realise once you are halfway down the road you have completely forgotten to put on your own coat.

RubyRioja Tue 12-Jun-07 22:07:01

You de-nit or nit detect once a week
Wind up a cot mobile and consider it time for foreplay
Refuse to consider any car that does not come as an estate
Can do 25 things at the same time

Katy44 Tue 12-Jun-07 21:55:36

ooh it's been ages since I've had a mini milk

wulfricsmummy Tue 12-Jun-07 20:02:18

Message withdrawn

CatIsSleepy Tue 12-Jun-07 19:14:17

my dh came up with this one...

when you go into a pub/restaurant to eat and you find the presence of other parents with young children a relief rather than an annoyance

MellowMa Tue 12-Jun-07 18:58:04

Message withdrawn

suzycreamcheese Tue 12-Jun-07 17:00:45

lol these are funny...good thread...and cheered me up!
rudyvonlasagne that struck home...!

ill today.. best i can do:
to accept and know that you will be jumped upon whilst suffering gastroentoritis...

& you are never short of a hanky..

bumperlicious Tue 12-Jun-07 16:47:10

Thanks muminbrum - have replied, you're a star <<oops, sorry for thread hijack!>>

MuminBrum Tue 12-Jun-07 16:32:03

Hi Bumps, have just tried again!

Soph73 Tue 12-Jun-07 16:31:46

ROFL Rudy (fortunately don´t know that feeling myself as had c-section but I know a couple of mums in that situation!)

bumperlicious Tue 12-Jun-07 16:21:36

Hi muminbrum no I didn't - email is bumperlicious . mn (at) hotmail . co .uk. Probably didn't give it to you properly first time round!

lanismum Tue 12-Jun-07 16:13:41

when your once quite decent respectable car has 2 carseats in, a double buggy in the boot, sunshades on the back windows, toys/crisps on the floor, and a smear of egg mayo on the back on the passenger seat.......

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