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You know you are finally a real mother when......

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kinki Sun 10-Jun-07 19:57:32

when dh isn't paying attention to you, and you accidently say "I'm going to count to 3 and if you don't listen to me I'm going to..." Whoops, only made that mistake once though.

Roobie Sun 10-Jun-07 19:55:42

You find yourself wiping restaurant/cafe tables clean with wet wipes.

talcy0 Sun 10-Jun-07 19:52:32

You answer other peoples children in shops when they say 'mummy?'

lulumama Sun 10-Jun-07 19:52:14

you say cheerily to DH, before you get in the car, , 'Now, do you need to do a wee wee?'

regardless of who is in the car, when you drive past a field, you say, , 'looooooookk!! loooooookk!! lovely baaa lambs! look...!'

or indeed saying that to anyone over the age of 4!

second the catching vomit...did that with DD a couple of weeks ago, whilst DS looked aghast, and told everyone that we saw for the rest of the week

Scootergrrrl Sun 10-Jun-07 19:50:45

I still gently push my trolley backwards and forwards at the checkout, even if I'm completely alone!

LadyOfTheFlowers Sun 10-Jun-07 19:49:42

will go with the potatoes one.
i cant stand still without swaying, even once on a night out with dh in a wine bar i started!

PetitFilou1 Sun 10-Jun-07 19:49:37

Beansprout weirdly though, don't think I could do that for someone else's child.....

compo Sun 10-Jun-07 19:49:37

instead of telling your friend at the pub 'I'm just off to the loo' you say 'I need to go wee-wee's'

LadyMacbeth Sun 10-Jun-07 19:48:53

Even when you go away for a romantic break without the children, you are still on a VERY ORGANISED military operation - checking your watch every ten minutes and shouting orders.

beansprout Sun 10-Jun-07 19:48:30

lol Smutti

You endlessly sing the praises of the Council's library service.

kinki Sun 10-Jun-07 19:47:49

... when you try to rock a sack of potatoes to sleep at the checkout.

Smutti Sun 10-Jun-07 19:47:22

You go for a ride on a bus - just for the "fun" of it.

beansprout Sun 10-Jun-07 19:45:50

You have caught someone else's vomit in your hands and this was a) intentional and b) a good idea.

fryalot Sun 10-Jun-07 19:44:47

you only consider buying a handbag if it will fit in a couple of nappies, packet of wipes and a few toy cars

Scootergrrrl Sun 10-Jun-07 19:44:33

Your three-hour old ipod already has the Disney Princess and Sound of Music albums on it...

NikkiBFG Sun 10-Jun-07 19:43:34

You view sex as an opportunity for a lie down rather than the fun it was pre babies!

LadyOfTheFlowers Sun 10-Jun-07 19:43:26

you dont care what other peoplethink anymore....

mumfor1standfinaltime Sun 10-Jun-07 19:42:26

You walk around with blobs of calpol, yoghurt, milk and more on your jeans and you just don't notice anymore..!

edam Sun 10-Jun-07 19:40:56

You empty your pockets and find string, pebbles, sticks, acorns, feathers, pine cones and tissues but not the thing you actually wanted!

LadyOfTheFlowers Sun 10-Jun-07 19:40:47


PetitFilou1 Sun 10-Jun-07 19:39:38

You are eating a fruit Gu pudding and think 'that pot will make a good thruster for the rocket I'm going to build with ds'

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