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You know you are finally a real mother when......

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PetitFilou1 Sun 10-Jun-07 19:39:38

You are eating a fruit Gu pudding and think 'that pot will make a good thruster for the rocket I'm going to build with ds'

lanismum Tue 12-Jun-07 16:10:41

when you walk into a childless friends house and start moving anything breakable/expensive, switch their cooker off at the wall, make sure doors are locked, garden walls are secure..............

funnypeculiar Tue 12-Jun-07 16:09:50

You stand patientl;y til the green man appears when you're on your own

JodyW Tue 12-Jun-07 15:54:55

You find yourself saying all the things your Mom said to you that you swore you'd "NEVER" say. It's do grow up to be your parents!

Katy44 Tue 12-Jun-07 15:51:03

MellowMa, did you tell her? or did you think it was an essential part of her outfit?

RudyVonLasagne Tue 12-Jun-07 15:49:16

You can cough and piss your pants at the same time...

CatIsSleepy Tue 12-Jun-07 15:37:01

Hassled: "You've scooped a child's turd out of the bath with your bare hands."
have been there too...what made it worse was dh and i were in bath with dd at the time!! have never moved so fast yet to so little effect

MuminBrum Tue 12-Jun-07 15:28:13

Hey Bumperlicious, I sent you an e-mail about those books you wanted - did you get it?

funnypeculiar Tue 12-Jun-07 15:21:30

You get a wedding invite in the post and your first thought is 'oh, an excuse to buy ds/dd a lovely new outfit - rahter than 'what shall I wear?'

bumperlicious Tue 12-Jun-07 15:02:26

Is it more worrying when you do some of these things before becoming a mother ...

...asking if people need the toilet before we leave the house...blowing raspberries on DH...saying "clunk click" to people in my car to get them to buckle up...

MellowMa Tue 12-Jun-07 14:15:30

Message withdrawn

MuminBrum Tue 12-Jun-07 14:08:02

You put your hand into your jacket pocket for a tissue and find you're blowing your nose on ... a tiny pair of underpants with the Superman logo on. In front of your boss's boss.

MamaD Tue 12-Jun-07 14:00:30

You go out for the first time in AGES and when ordering your first drink realise that you have a sachet of calpol, spare dummy, plastic spoon and dirty bib in your handbag.

You automatically use the lifts in a shopping centre instead of the stairs, forgetting that dd isn't with you.

When 12 yr old dsd accidentally shuts her finger in the door you automatically rush over, smother her in a bear hug and .......kiss it better (cue horrified face from dsd and GET ORRRRF MEEE)

MuminBrum Tue 12-Jun-07 13:55:19

Oh yes, Maisemor, the wee-wee bottle is an absolute life-saver, isn't it, not to mention a surefire way to raise a laugh and cheer everyone up. I also find that "mummy pretending to fart into a bottle" is quite a good way to nip a tantrum in the bud.

lissie Tue 12-Jun-07 13:54:28

lol, you've forgotten what a hot meal/cup of coffee tastes like.

youre in a shop and you notice that ds has grabbed pair of ladies knickers so you take them off him saying please dont do that sweetheart, be a good boy for mummy, now do you want a wee wee?

then you realise that its someone elses child and youve left your own by the pyjamas

Soph73 Tue 12-Jun-07 13:45:20

This thread has definitely made me laugh. I haven´t done it for a while but when ds was smaller I used to rock shopping trolleys when he wasn´t with me. I think I realised I was finally a real mother when myself and 2 of my friends were raving about the chest freezer in the garage of our new house during my ds 4th birthday party

mummydoit Tue 12-Jun-07 13:31:08

You have the CBeebies website on your internet Favourites.

Your Sky + box is set to record Roary the Racing Car on series link.

Katy44 Tue 12-Jun-07 13:29:47

When someone says "oh your baby's been sick" and you say "and?"

PMSL also at the stylish winnie the pooh dummy!

elsieanjoanne Tue 12-Jun-07 13:19:58

Only read a bit of the thread so sorry if im repeating.
when a random child whilst out shopping shouts mom an you answere! ( even if it doesnt sound like your own child/ren )

Your childs is asleep/not with you an you saying arrgghh look its a doggy/mooo cow/sheepy baaa!

And the shshsh is a pain, my 1yo now does that to anything making the slightest noise lol

pucca Tue 12-Jun-07 13:11:30

Obviously i mean't squonk

pucca Tue 12-Jun-07 13:10:55

Sqonk...That is so true, i have done that with the snot on your sleeve!

pucca Tue 12-Jun-07 13:10:16


Some of these are soo true! and sooo funny! i am almost literally pmsl.

Tigana Tue 12-Jun-07 13:05:00

Instead of humming favourite bands latest song as you wander around town you realise you are singing
"Hey hey are you ready to play? It's time to come and play, why don't you come and play, with the Twee-ee-ee-nies!"

Tigana Tue 12-Jun-07 13:02:41

Dear god this thread has made me cry with laughter .

Lolly68 Tue 12-Jun-07 13:00:44

you dont lay in bed beyond 7am!!

sparklesandwine Tue 12-Jun-07 12:53:06

i opened a packet of crisps for my bf once before giving them to her - she told me needed to get out more!

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