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vivprod Mon 17-Sep-18 03:20:33

My only DD has just left for uni and I dont know how to feel. It feels strange that I will know longer be a part of her day to day life, we are close and talk a lot. I know we can chat on the phone etc but I feel lost - I have a full time job, DH, friends and lots to keep me busy. I tried not to cry in front of her when we left her, all I wanted to do was pack her things up and bring her home, I have always encouraged her to be independent but this to me seems a step too far at 18. Its 3.00am in the morning and I cant sleep. I never thought I would feel like this my DH has taken it in his stride and is not really saying much. I want her to have the growing experience that uni will give her. I suppose it will take me time to adjust to an empty quiet home.

MenorcaIsAllYours Mon 17-Sep-18 13:21:34

Hi OP. I'm about to face this exact thing and I don't know how I'm going to feel about it either. I'm dreading it. Just hope we get used to it. Sending hugs

rogueantimatter Mon 17-Sep-18 13:35:07

I totally get you. I've just dropped my younger one off at the start of his second year of uni this morning and I feel a bit flat, even though he's coming home for a thing in a fortnight!

Last year I felt awful. I could 'happily' have sat and cried.

It's a new chapter for your DD's and for you. Give yourself a bit of time and then enjoy the benefits: eg, your laundry will halve. And you now have the lovely anticipation of seeing her. Christmas will be absolutely briliant this year.

MenorcaIsAllYours Mon 17-Sep-18 14:00:21

I'm sure you are right rogue but I'm almost in tears just thinking about it.

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