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Pregnant whilst at university

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ConfusedStudent123 Thu 13-Sep-18 20:27:53

I'm pregnant, however after an initial wobble we are very excited. I'm naturally quite shy and a bit of an introvert and I'm nervous about being judged by others at university, particularly by other people in my classes. Have any of you been pregnant whilst at uni? Am I worrying over nothing or is it a struggle with lots of staring?

Fdbjg123 Mon 17-Sep-18 15:24:15

I was pregnant during my first year and gave birth 4 weeks before my exams. I managed to get 67% overall which I was happy with considering my circumstance. People at uni didn't even notice I was pregnant. Even when I was in my third trimester lol. But I did wear baggy clothes. I'm sure no one will say anything so don't worry smile

sunshineandshowers21 Tue 02-Oct-18 16:04:48

i was pregnant during my final year. i had my son three days after teaching had finished. it was a bit of a struggle trying to juggle writing my dissertation whilst looking after a newborn and a six year old but luckily i had a lot of help! thankfully everyone on my course was really lovely and only had nice things to say. i didn’t tell anyone until i couldn’t hide the bump anymore though.

TimeToRevolutionize Fri 09-Nov-18 09:49:56

You'll be fine. I got pregnant during my second year at university. It was draining but they was every supportive and I got mitigating circumstances on most of my assignments, including the final examination which I sat when I was 30 weeks pregnant! I had to go back after university finished due to mitigating circumstances so I sat my final exam in August (other people who had mitigating circumstances also sat it) and nobody said a word. I promise nobody will judge you!

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