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Not sure its right place

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BITCAT Sat 08-Sep-18 02:07:36

Am i alone in thinking there is a problem with teen pregnancies, we have high rates where i am!
My daughter stated shes really proud of herself on facebook to not be pregnant at 16..and the poor girl got slated.
I think she should be proud. Being told its ok and perfectly acceptable and that it doesnt change anything, im sorry i.was 21 and it does change your life!!! Some of these girls havent finished school. I would be disappointed.
Aibu to feel this way. I just feel sorry for these kids that they have to deal with being parents barely leaving school age

Seniorschoolmum Sat 08-Sep-18 02:40:49

Those are your views and I have a fair amount of sympathy with them but they don’t apply to everyone.
I know of one girl locally, she’s the older sister of ds’s class mate and is 17. For the last 5 years, all she has ever wanted to do is be a mum. She has good GCSEs and is training as a nursery nurse but became pregnant at 16 & gave birth this year. She & her partner are happy and make the most solid young family unit I think I’ve ever seen.
They are financially secure and sensible.
So I don’t see her decision as “wrong”. She’ll be 35 when her child reaches adulthood, and still have time for a career. I’ll be 63. I had my career first.

therealimposter Sat 08-Sep-18 03:21:33

I think it's fine for her to be proud of that but a bit weird to be posting it on fb, the norm is not yo be pregnant at 16 after all. It depends on the context, I can see it might have offended some if it was out of context.

BITCAT Sat 08-Sep-18 05:22:53

It was on a post about getting to 18 without a baby, and she put she was proud she had made it to 16. Baring in mind at least 5 girls in her year are pregnant or have had babies. Where we are it is now considered the norm, we have one of the highest teen pregnancy rates..its now a running joke.
Seniorschoolmum there will always be exceptions and to those who work hard at it good for them
But i just dont think its what any parent would really want for their child or that its an ideal thing to do. My sons now almost 20.. i was now 41 my youngest is 12.
I want mine to do better than i did.
They make it sound as though its a good thing to do. One woman even bragged that she had 3 at 21, i wouldnt mind but most of the youngsters round here have no intention of working or going into any training or education, if they were to be making a good life then i could see their point. We have generation upon generations of teen moms with no prospects and no motivation to do better.
Yes i am very proud to have raised my daughter to go against the grain and has the motivation and morals to try to do right and have enough respect for herself to know she is worth more.
Plus we kept getting her to babysit our nephew overnight this worked a treat in discouraging her to have kids smile

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