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WWYD - DD5s friend is texting her, using her Mum’s phone

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LifesTooShortForYourNonsense Thu 16-Aug-18 15:19:48

Message on my phone from a mum at school, but clearly her 5 year old to mine. I’ve not shown my daughter- not sure what she’d make of it, and don’t really want her to get into texting! Not until she has phone of her own, in 7 years time. What shall I reply?

Freezingheart Thu 16-Aug-18 15:25:45

I ignored these messages and when I got the chance spoke to the mum to explain I wasn’t comfortable with my dd writing to her friends on their parents numbers. Partly cos ultimately they are writing via adults I don’t really know or where I did know them my dd started commenting on my messages etc etc
Turned out the other mum didn’t know her child had done this and fully agreed.

Freezingheart Thu 16-Aug-18 15:26:28

I didn’t tell my dd either otherwise I’d never have heard the end of it.

HoleyCoMoley Thu 16-Aug-18 15:28:01

Ignore it, don't how it to your dd. Later you can call the mum and tell her what's happened, tell her you don't want any more messages.

LifesTooShortForYourNonsense Thu 16-Aug-18 15:55:37

Thanks for support. It didn’t occur to me her mum might not know (I assumed she would think it’s cute). I keep my phone passworded and they wouldn’t know the text icon, even my 7 year old isn’t interested. I’ll reply to say my daughter won’t be, I think.

LifesTooShortForYourNonsense Thu 16-Aug-18 18:00:51

I messaged to say she has no access to my phone, mum replied to say - I’ve just read it, it’s very sweet... So has no idea who she’s messaging and when confused

Freezingheart Fri 17-Aug-18 08:54:22

Hmmmm, well exactly. A child that can’t u internet and social media safety shouldn’t be allowed unsupervised on a phone! At least it was you - could have been any random contact

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