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Tips for the interview process!

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Freshstart19 Wed 15-Aug-18 16:00:24

My passion is science and I would love to teach it. I'm pretty good at it. I work in health care atm.
I have an interview for my level 3 access course for teaching on Friday and I could do with any pointers you guys have to get through my interview and onto the course.

I'm a mum to 4 and I'm still quite young so would love a profession in teaching science. But I'm so nervous and don't want to mess this up.

I'm giving up a decent job to do this.

spinabifidamom Tue 11-Sep-18 05:51:07

Dress smart. Make sure that you take a shower and tie your hair up as well. Research the course online. Have a list of questions to ask the course provider too. Be completely committed to the course.

Make eye contact with your interviewer. Smile. Answer any questions appropriately too. Don’t stare. Find out if there are any textbooks you might need. Ask a friend to watch you and evaluate your interview technique beforehand.

Bring a pen with you just in case. Relax during the interview. Get enough sleep the night before. Plan your journey carefully. Ensure you have enough money in case. Allow enough time.

Good luck!!

Hopefully you’ll get onto the course.

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