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3yr old ds driving me nuts!

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nailsathome Mon 13-Aug-18 12:33:20

"Mummy, I want to do a rolely poley".
"Ok do one then"
"Mummy, why can I do a roley poley?".
"Because you want to".
"Mummy, why do I want to do a roley poley?".
"Because you like them".
Does said roley poley.
"Mummy, did you see my roley poley?".
"Mummy, was my roley poley massive?".
"Yes it was the biggest one I've ever seen".
"Mummy, why was my roley poley massive?".

Etc. Etc. And on and on and on!

Waitingonasmiley42 Mon 13-Aug-18 12:38:08

Mine is exactly the same and he’s just deliberately woken the baby up so I’m even more fed up with him.

nailsathome Mon 13-Aug-18 12:45:02

Oh no waiting. What did he do?

The playdoh has just come out confused

Waitingonasmiley42 Mon 13-Aug-18 12:56:13

Tickled his toes angry

Oh play-do sad. I hate that almost as much Kinetic sand.

I was desperate for him to learn to ask “why?”. Now I can’t stand it!

Aprilshowersinaugust Mon 13-Aug-18 12:59:38

You need Alexa!!

nailsathome Mon 13-Aug-18 13:05:06

How will she help April?

Strawberrybelly Mon 13-Aug-18 13:05:34

Mine has been especially frustrating today. Wants to do painting but refuses to tidy up crayons and paper. I tidy crayons and paper up. She has a shit fit that I didn't let her help me tidy up. She empties an entire Kallax box of paper and crayons on the floor. Then refuses to tidy that up. Argh!

nailsathome Mon 13-Aug-18 13:10:32

I feel for you Strawberry.

Choirofangles Mon 13-Aug-18 13:14:24

This is my life!

‘Mummy can I have toast for breakfast?’
‘Mummy why can I have toast for breakfast?’
‘Because you said you wanted it’
‘Mummy why do I want toast for breakfast?’
‘I don’t know. Why do you want toast?’
‘I don’t. I want porridge’

upsideup Mon 13-Aug-18 13:15:41

Try doing it back to him, that usually gets mine to stop.

Aprilshowersinaugust Mon 13-Aug-18 13:23:19

She can ask her all sorts of odd questions!!
My ds does this with Google!!
And he is 17!!

Scoobygang7 Mon 13-Aug-18 13:27:16

Oh my people I am so sorry you're all going through this hell too.

Breaks something or does something he shouldn't " it's ok mummy it was just an accident" trying to explain when you know it's going to break or you shouldn't do it. It's not an accident.

I want ...... as I get it. " I changed my mind mummy"

Asks question, gets an answer (delete as applicable) why?/ no mummy it's xyz. I've taken to asking him why and turning his question back at him. Why do you think?

His poor baby brother is having serious sleep issues. In some way he's been asleep ten minutes and either my 3.5 yr old wakes him or I do putting him down to get stuff done or do something for eldest

nailsathome Mon 13-Aug-18 13:31:07

Haha choir I feel your pain!

I find that doing it back to him makes him worse and leads to a tantrum.

The Wiggles are giving me a few minutes respite at the moment.

minimalist99 Mon 13-Aug-18 13:36:42

Must be something in the air.... i put my 2 year old to sleep and my 3.5 year is following me around making loud noises trying to wake her up. I want to scream. So tempted to shove him in front of the box

Scotinoz Mon 13-Aug-18 14:16:46

I have a 3 and 4.5 year old doing the same 😐

Can we have eggs sandwiches for lunch?
Why are we having egg sandwiches?
Can we have egg sandwiches?
Is everyone having egg sandwiches?
Are you having an egg sandwich?
Is my sister having an egg sandwich?
Followed by 100 more egg sandwich related questions 😩

nailsathome Mon 13-Aug-18 18:23:37

Did you have egg sandwiches?

minimalist99 Mon 13-Aug-18 18:32:22

One word :

nailsathome Mon 13-Aug-18 18:45:27

Whoop whoop minimalist

Choirofangles Mon 13-Aug-18 18:51:25

Nearly there! Just have to sneak 3 year old into her bed without waking the baby sleeping one foot from her pillow.

‘Why is my brother asleep?’
‘Why is his bottom in the air?’
‘What is he dreaming about?’
‘Why is he awake now?’
‘Why isn’t he sleeping anymore?’

‘Why do you look so angry mummy?’

Waitingonasmiley42 Mon 13-Aug-18 19:09:44

That made me laugh choirofangles

Well we had a tantrum because I wouldn’t let him play with the washing machine capsules because I didn’t want him to eat one and die and ended up asleep at 5.30pm. God knows when he will wake up, but for now I am enjoying the quiet.

Invisimamma Mon 13-Aug-18 19:16:38

‘Mummy can I have toast and jam. 5 pieces please’

Dutifully brings toast cut into 5!

‘Waaaah! I wanted Butter on my toast!!!’ 😡🙄

And delightful....’why is your tummy fat Mummy?’

Choirofangles Mon 13-Aug-18 19:19:08

Ah yes, I’ve had ‘have you got another baby in your tummy?’ a few times. No, just a lot of baby weight sad

nailsathome Mon 13-Aug-18 19:23:14

Has she woken the baby choir?

I'm glad you're getting some peace waiting.

3 yr old has gone to bed yay! Just the 6yr old and 9 week old twins to sort out now. I'm totally shattered. I want to sit in complete silence with a large glass of wine.

Waitingonasmiley42 Mon 13-Aug-18 19:31:51

9 week old twins and a 6 year old!!!! You are a hero nailsathome shock . I hardly cope with just two...

Scotinoz Mon 13-Aug-18 19:40:32

@nailsathome Crumbs, you're a super women having 4 kids!

But yes, we did have egg sandwiches 😂

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