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When did you take baby swimming?

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enbh Mon 13-Aug-18 09:27:43

Just wondering how old your babies were when you first took them swimming? I think DD would love it but I'm worried she's still too young
She will be 5 months on Sunday

GreenMeerkat Mon 13-Aug-18 09:36:33

DD1 has been swimming since about 8 months (would have been earlier if we could have afforded it on mat leave). She's a very strong swimmer now at 4 and in swimming class with 7 and 8 year olds.

DD2 absolutely terrified of water, tried her at 8 months but she screamed and screamed and ended up stopping. Tried again at 18 months but much the same. She's just started again at 3 and is only just accepting being in the water.

Liefster Mon 13-Aug-18 10:03:04

I've been taking my son swimming since he was about 10/11 weeks old, he's now 9 months and I would say it's only in the last couple of months or so that I can see him actually "enjoying" it (I just take him myself at the moment rather than having lessons). Previously he would just look a bit blank, he wasn't upset but I couldn't tell if he was enjoying it either! It's definitely easier taking him now as he has more awake time so I'm not battling with a very tired baby in the changing rooms afterwards. I'm sure your daughter will love it and if not then you can try again in a few months' time.

Cherubfish Mon 13-Aug-18 10:05:49

I took my DS swimming from 3 month old, he loved it from the beginning!

ItchySeveredFoot Mon 13-Aug-18 10:05:55

Started taking both of mine at 6 weeks. They're 4 and almost 2 now and love going.

Muddlingalongalone Mon 13-Aug-18 10:07:04

Dd1 was 8/9 months because it took me that long to get the confidence to take her & exh never wanted to go at weekends. Dd2 was about 8 weeks.

enbh Mon 13-Aug-18 10:16:04

Thanks for replies everyone! Think I'll give it a go, if she's not keen I can always try it when she is a little older.

Now to find a bathing suit that actually fits me...

Canshopwillshop Mon 13-Aug-18 10:19:42

Definitely go for it. I took both mine from around 3 months old. I did a baby aqua class which was great as it was with other mums and a proper instructor. We used to sing songs and blow bubbles in the water etc. I recommend seeing if you have anything like this near you.

Nothisispatrick Mon 13-Aug-18 10:22:05

I didn’t think they could be too young? As in the younger they go the more naturally they take to it.

Cyclingpast Mon 13-Aug-18 10:26:48

I wouldn't worry about it. Just go when you want to go. I don't think she's too young, but if you prefer to wait that's fine too.

myotherbagisgucci Mon 13-Aug-18 10:30:14

Started taking DD when she was 6 weeks old, and she loves being in the water!

arbrighton Mon 13-Aug-18 10:30:59

4 mo as we went to center parcs

Madeline18 Mon 13-Aug-18 10:31:19

Three months, she loves swimming!

cheshiremama89 Mon 13-Aug-18 10:34:35

Just started (6 months)

Skisunsnow Mon 13-Aug-18 10:44:50

All three of mine around 4 weeks. My youngest is now 9months and still loves going. My 3 and 5 year olds large very confident. Even just slashing about or being held in the water helps their confidence.

enbh Mon 13-Aug-18 10:57:11

Canshopwillshop that sounds brilliant!

I am so pleased I asked! Feeling much more confident in taking her!

Cutesbabasmummy Mon 13-Aug-18 11:06:44

4 months with Waterbabies. We tried him in the local kids pool but he was shivering after 5 minutes, even with a wrap. So we started him with Waterbabies who have lovely warm pools. He is 3.5 now and loves his lessons.

hesbeeneatingapotato Mon 13-Aug-18 11:17:15

About 10 weeks smile we were away on holiday, private pool, so it seemed the ideal time to take him.

BikeRunSki Mon 13-Aug-18 11:18:22

6 weeks, ttevday aftet he’d had his first jabs.

JacNaylor Mon 13-Aug-18 11:27:09

Mine was very tiny, I think about 4 months but he was prem so still only weighed about 8lb. It was fine, he loved it but I had to keep a close eye on him getting cold. Now at 5.5 he's a strong swimmer and very water confident so I feel like it was worth it.

rubyroot Mon 13-Aug-18 12:45:18

5 months not too young! My 4 month old loved it- they naturally do little swimming strokes

anotherangel2 Mon 13-Aug-18 12:57:27

Nothisispatrick they have to wait until their tummy button has healed.

DD and I both hated it when she was young. She hated being cold and getting changed and it gave her awful eczema. As soon as she could walk and changing was so much easier we started going regularly.

rubyroot Mon 13-Aug-18 12:59:53

Probs depends on the baby, but I fathomed my baby would love it as he loved his baths!

littleskittle Mon 13-Aug-18 16:46:08

9 weeks, did Waterbabies which was great. Took a couple of months to get used to being underwater but generally he enjoyed it all!

enbh Mon 13-Aug-18 17:42:06

rubyroot - that's my thinking too, she loves the bath so she might love splashing around in the water!

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