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YesSheCan Fri 10-Aug-18 13:49:49

DD almost 12 spends ages on this game which involves chatting with other players - randoms she does not know irl. Anyone else's kids play it? How do I ensure she doesn't interact with weirdos short of banning altogether?

almightygirl Fri 10-Aug-18 14:03:23

Tbh, you can’t be sure of who she is talking to and, afaik no way of checking. My boys don’t play that game but they do play games which have chat and we don’t allow them to use the chat. If they’re playing with a friend they will call them. Too many risks to let them chat with random people online.

rainingcatsanddog Sun 12-Aug-18 22:54:07

I'm not familiar with the game/site but if it's an online chat system you can't know who she's talking to. If she talking to a school friend say on FaceTime then that's better because she knows them

You can find out the usernames of her school friends (assuming that they are on the game and that she tells you the truth rather than what she thinks you want to hear for a quieter life.)

NinJingag Fri 28-Dec-18 04:20:51

Ew, blockstarplanet.

I suggest you burn your kid in a fire quickly.

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