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Toddler proof Christmas tree fence?

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mrsberrythethird Fri 10-Aug-18 10:02:41

Hi all, has anybody seen any good Christmas tree guard/fences ideas to keep small children from pulling it down? I have one very wild little one! I’m thinking about it early I know.

anotherangel2 Fri 10-Aug-18 10:04:08

Use a play pen

Catanddogmake6 Fri 10-Aug-18 10:05:58

The Lindam fireguard might work and be big enough. Think you can also add extension panels in if required. It does need two very small pieces screwing into the wall though - 4 more screws in total. It has a gate so you would be able to get in to water tree and put presents under.

MrsMotherHen Fri 10-Aug-18 10:06:43

a little white picket fence looks very cute!

mrsberrythethird Fri 10-Aug-18 10:07:49

Thanks everyone for your wonderful suggestions. Oh @MrsMotherHen I love that, where’s do you buy but that from?

mrsberrythethird Fri 10-Aug-18 10:08:14

**Where do you buy* should read

MrsMotherHen Fri 10-Aug-18 10:11:44

i googled imaged it blush but ebay do small picket fence panels you could paint them white and wrap in fairy lights although getting them to stand up you would have to position against walls or nail a bit of wood onto pannels somewhere to make it freestanding.

katycb Fri 10-Aug-18 10:13:42

We used to put ours in the playpen and then decorate the playpen

Aprilshowersinaugust Fri 10-Aug-18 10:14:34

Put a hook under a windowsill, tie a bit of string to the tree and secure to the hook - we do this to stop the cats knocking it over!!

mrsberrythethird Fri 10-Aug-18 10:14:44

Thanks I love the picket fence idea it looks lovely...I’m getting far too festive and it’s only bloody August!

mrsberrythethird Fri 10-Aug-18 10:15:27

Playpen good idea too and the strong but he’d get at the baubles.

mrsberrythethird Fri 10-Aug-18 10:15:39


Emmasmum2013 Fri 10-Aug-18 10:18:29

I think this is the same as the pic posted earlier

mrsberrythethird Fri 10-Aug-18 10:21:35

Thanks for your help Emmasmum2013, that looks great and it’s freestanding. I love it!

Emmasmum2013 Fri 10-Aug-18 11:21:10

No probs!! It's really cute I might get one for myself as well!

happymummy12345 Fri 10-Aug-18 11:22:21

Just tie it with string. That's all we do.

happymummy12345 Fri 10-Aug-18 11:23:00

Ours stands on a table so it can be seen, so we put string round the handle of the window and secure it

a2inthehouse Fri 10-Aug-18 11:27:57

Ooh I'm glad you posted this, I hadn't even thought of this! This year our toddler dd will definitely be into the tree so I suppose I better start thinking of these things!

ineedcoffeecoffeecoffee Fri 10-Aug-18 14:31:50

I put mine in a travel cot after my 7 month old pulled it down.

mrsberrythethird Sat 11-Aug-18 14:26:23

I was the same a2inthehouse and I have some very nice ornaments I don’t want pulled off. I’m going to go with the fence idea because I done own a travel/play cot and the fence option is cheaper and it looks really nice.

mrsberrythethird Sat 11-Aug-18 14:26:38


educatingarti Sat 11-Aug-18 14:33:05

The lights and decorations on the fence aren't child safe though.

mrsberrythethird Sat 11-Aug-18 14:59:15

Yeah I didn’t go for the rustic one.

BackforGood Sun 12-Aug-18 23:43:20

We had an old fashioned prison play pen that did the job brilliantly, but, as others have said, tying it to the window handle or attaching to the wall is what you need to do. that picket fence looks pretty but isn't going to be child proof.

I have some very nice ornaments I don’t want pulled off

I suggest you put those ^ away in the loft for a few years.

Emmasmum2013 Mon 13-Aug-18 09:18:58

What did you go for in the end OP?

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