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I need honest advice on this please

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StartAndFinishOrGiveUp Sun 22-Jul-18 20:59:38

Single parent, 2 DC, one with SEN. A few years ago I decided to do an access course to go to university and try and better my situation. I had no idea what I wanted to do but somehow settled on accounting. I got into university and started the course but things came to a head with my son at the same time and I had a lot on my plate dealing with him and just couldn’t focus on my course at all so I left in the first term with the intention of starting again when he is older and less demanding. Last year I thought I would try again but through distance learning so I enrolled in a foundation accounting course in October. For one reason or another, I have yet to open a single book. blush I kept meaning to get started but never get round to it. I got an email on Friday letting me know my online support would end in 3 months. The course I enrolled on is in two parts, foundation and the next level so I am committed to paying £66 a month for a total of 2.5 years whether I do the courses or not. Part of me thinks if I really really hustle I could finish the first part by the 3 month deadline? (Is that just batshit?) And be ready to start the second part on time. But if I’m honest, I really don’t think I have any interest in actually working in accounting. I think if I was I would have done the course. Should I just do the course anyway? So I have it under my belt so to speak? It would be really hard I think, especially as I’m way behind and I don’t want to feel like an utter failure (again) if I can’t do it. Should I just give up on the idea of accounting altogether? I’ve started twice now and not managed the courses.

I have to pay for it either way so honest answers very much appreciated. I do work part time as well but have some mornings and evenings free. Depending on what DC have happening as well.

allthatmalarkey Mon 23-Jul-18 13:13:39

You can definitely no harm by opening a book and discovering if you are a) actually interested in accounting or b) capable of finding the time and motivation to get part 1 done in time (I wonder if they'd consider an extension if you'd done a lot of it, given your home life). I would be gutted for you if you'd spent that much money for nothing. There or to be a way of getting a refund of some sort.

allthatmalarkey Mon 23-Jul-18 13:14:24

Ought to be not or to be. Honestly!!

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