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WARNING: Fortnite blackmailing hacker

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RJsMa Sat 14-Jul-18 00:01:40

WARNING: I had to get DS's Fortnite account deleted today. He got hacked (someone with a Russian accent). The hacker was able to alter his account then proceeded to blackmail him by deleting things saying that “He should steal money from his parents, buy and send v-bucks”.

DS is not happy about it but understands why we’ve deleted the account. Epic games (Fortnite developers) don’t make it easy to delete an account so had to threaten exposing their lack of security and duty of care to young gamers. Be vigilant with your children’s accounts.

bluesdank Sun 02-Dec-18 20:01:29

i agree Fortnite needs better security

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reggin Fri 21-Dec-18 04:36:58

shock wow. hope hes doing ok

DoseOfRealism Mon 24-Dec-18 01:16:14

Whoever the "hacker" was, it was fake, and you should ignore it.

NinJin Wed 26-Dec-18 22:51:11

Fortnite is already an abomination, have him play COD or Battlefield.

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