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Fortnite! DS Driving me mad wanting to continually buy on this 'Free' game!!!

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mummytippy Wed 11-Jul-18 10:16:32

My DS has turned 12 last week. He loves playing Fortnite with his friends. He's been playing this game now for about 9 months.

On and off he has purchased 'battle passes' and 'skins' plus accessories but it seems as now most of his school friends also play he's wanting to buy more frequently.

My DS gets £ 5 pocket money a week so previously if he's wanted something I've said along the lines of well that will be this weeks pocket money gone etc.

The Microsoft account is linked to my debit card.

For his birthday he got £ 75 in his birthday cards and he opened a bank account where he now has his own debit card. I want my DS to learn about money management. We are due to go on holiday in 3 weeks so I'm trying to encourage him save all his pocket money up for the holiday for that alone.

At this point in time the debit card has arrived but he's not opened it and I currently have it in my possession.

As he wanted a few Fornite skins he asked if he could have £50 of his birthday money for this. With gritted teeth I agreed but said he had to save the remainder £25 for our summer holiday in 3 weeks. He agreed. The s/o I set up to his bank account went in last Friday making his total £30. By the holiday he'd hopefully have £50.

Since agreeing to this he has since wanted to make 2 further purchases... one for £20 and another one for £10. I've refused, explaining he needs to save his money as we agreed.

He's now saying it's his money to do what he likes with and I'm being unfair! I've told him I'm not and he's going back on what he agreed. He's demanded the debit card and said the only way he'll learn is by letting him do what he likes. I explained I'm trying to avoid him overspending as he'll be sorry on the holiday with no spending money and I'm not going to fill any financial gaps or listen to any moaning!

Any ideas on monthly spending limits for this wretched 'free' game and tips most welcome.

One boy at his school (he's in year 7) is allowed £10 per month to spend on this game.

I actually cringe the moment he mentions this game's name... I loathe it!!!

Thank you in advance.

NinJin Wed 26-Dec-18 23:01:27

Maybe have him play a different game? Fortnite's gay

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