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Daughter taking year out of uni to travel

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Dizzyr72 Wed 11-Jul-18 05:39:33

My daughter did not settle well into uni, she has made the decision to switch uni and defer for one year. She has also movd in with her boyfriend and is now planning 9 months of travel with him. The problem is, she is also suffering from depression and although her mood has improved a little since moving back nearer to home,she is still having ‘melt downs’ as she calls it. I’ve tried to get her to see a counsellor but she’s not keen, I’m happy to pay for it. She has had a lot to deal with over the past couple of years, both nans Ill with cancer, my mum in particular is deteriorating fast, the death of one of her best friends at the age of 16, the death of another friends Mum a few months back, two suicides in the wider friend group, and a very bad break up and a lot social media harassment as a result, so it’s understandable she’s low. I really would love to help her, a lot if my time is focused on my Mum right now and I’m also working full time, but I’m so worried about my daughter heading off to far flung places with little support other than the boyfriend she’s been involved with for six months 🙁 any ideas how I can get her to have some help before she goes?

MenorcaIsAllYours Mon 17-Sep-18 13:25:18

Sounds like getting away could do her the world of good tbh OP

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