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I'm so lost (NQ nurse)

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3SteaksPam Fri 06-Jul-18 19:15:57


I'm hoping to find someone to talk to or someone who can share some
I am due to qualify as an adult nurse in September and I never found where I'd like to work until I got a taster of working in neonatal on a long placement, I've got past experience volunteering in health visiting clinics, and breast feeding clinic and I've also got a degree in social work.

I've interviewed 3 times for various neonatal jobs and not got them, I've been trumped by child nurses. I've got one last application in for a special baby care unit with a little hdu dept. It's a small hospital with a little commute.

But I'm not feeling confident anymore, I've exhausted all avenues to get to where I want to be in my area and have started to panic I don't have a job for September.

I just feel very lost,
And have no idea where to go now and I'm wondering if anyone could share any advice or experience?


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