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Child from previous relationship

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Charleyxcoco Sat 23-Jun-18 18:50:18

Hi all. So I’m married with a daughter due in 3 weeks and have a 5 year old little boy from a previous relationship. Since he was one he has been staying at his dads fri-mon. Every weekend. Now I don’t have a problem with this but I would like to have at least one weekend with him a month to take him out somewhere and treat him as he is at school I’m not really able to do this. Also to spend time with his sister when she is here. He gets absolutely spoilt by his dad and his grandparents (his dad lives with his parents) and I feel like I can’t spoil him. How would I go about having him for one weekend a month? Bearing in mind his dad is very difficult when it comes to ‘his time’

KatyP1975 Sun 24-Jun-18 07:43:36

Can he not have every other weekend and a day or two in the week?

El1995 Sun 24-Jun-18 08:49:08

For us DP has his daughter every weekend (fri-mon). When mum wants to see her they might do say Saturday with dad and Sunday with mum etc or she has her for the weekend and then we pick her up and have her after school 2 nights instead x

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