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Is this really a stomach virus?? Day 7.. anyone been through this with their child?

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Amandakay133 Tue 19-Jun-18 17:24:46

I am at my wits end.. I am a bundle of nerves and anxiety. My 4 year old son woke up last Wednesday at 5:30 am throwing up. This went on every twenty minutes until about 12 pm, so 6 1/2 hours of vomiting and laying around. I got worried because the day before he had fallen and bumped his forehead on our ceramic tile, me being the over worrier that I am, took him to the doctor because I was worried about a concussion. He threw up three times during his exam. Dr. said he looked very unwell and wanted him admitted for iv fluids, observation, and a head CT. We get to the hospital and of course he stopped throwing up. His head CT was normal and they watched him over night and he did good. Only throwing up once during the night. They released us Thursday afternoon and they were convinced that this was just a stomach virus that needed to run its course. Here is where it get weird. He is throwing up every night only... Around 1-2 am. He does not vomit during the day. He has only had diarrhea twice on Saturday. He is wanting to lay around a lot and sleep a lot. He will play for maybe two hours a day and then say "Im tired" and lay down. He is not eating. He is drinking. He munches on dry cereal through the day. The weird part is at night he wakes up saying "im not comfy... im not comfy..." he flails around alot. Anywho... today is Tuesday of the next week, so today is day 7 of whatever this is. Im at my wits end. Anyone ever experience something like this for this long? Why only vomit once at night??? They keep saying they have seen viruses do this before.. but I HAVENT. We took him back today and they want to get a stool sample (per my request).

unintentionalthreadkiller Tue 19-Jun-18 17:25:53

It sounds like the end of a nasty bug to me.

RandomMess Tue 19-Jun-18 17:38:13

One of mine randomly chucked up for several days after a bug and after a particularly nasty one for several weeks after every few days confused

Amandakay133 Tue 19-Jun-18 18:11:01

Really??? well i guess that makes me feel a little better. I just wish he had some energy yet.. i miss my rowdy child..

ODog Tue 19-Jun-18 22:39:37

DS was like this about a year ago. He ended up in a&e with blue lips. His breathing and o2 levels were fine he was just so depleted from it all. But then just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse he bounced right back as was normal again.

BigEaredBob Tue 19-Jun-18 22:42:27

Do you give him milk at bedtime? I did this with mine as I didn’t realise that a bug can cause a temporary dairy intolerance so the milk I was giving him before bed was making him throw up in the night.

KatyP1975 Wed 20-Jun-18 09:49:07

Mine always vomit at night after the first day of a bug and they can linger for ages. Cut out all dairy for 2 weeks and it should improve. Give him squash (not sugar free) to sip for energy.

Amandakay133 Wed 20-Jun-18 16:43:15

Thanks everyone!! Stool test came back positive for Norovirus and Astrovirus.. so he has two viruses at once!!! That explains it..

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