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Can you get universal credit while studying?

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D456 Sun 10-Jun-18 17:41:26

I’m starting uni in October and currently receive universal credit.

I rang and was told that student parental can receive universal credit but they cannot tell me any more about amounts until I actually move into the new area and start the course. I will be doing a FT course, private renting and my little one will be in nursury full time.

Just wondering if anyone studies in my situation and still receives UC as trying to get a rough idea about my income. I saw somewhere on the child grant form that you cannot apply for it if you are recieving the child element of UC. I don’t know if I read this correctly or if I would even be entitled to this as I will get student loans.

If anyone can offer some advice I’d really appreciate it. It’s so dofficult getting through to anyone at UC!!

haylz124 Mon 18-Jun-18 21:20:48

Hi sorry this is late

You will get almost full housing element, you may have to pay around £20 a week

You will get full child tax element of it

You can claim the income support element

You will get 80% childcare paid from student finance

you won't pay any council tax as students are exempt

Hope this helps

merlotmummy14 Fri 06-Jul-18 09:46:02

Universal credit will be reduced depending on the amount of your student loan - loan amount divided by academic year length minus £110. The remaining amount will be taken off your universal credit entitlement pound for pound. This has been known to take up some of people's housing element and not leave a sufficient amount to pay the housing from the universal credit and have to use part of the student loan for this. Also if you choose not to take the student loan however are eligible, they will still reduce it for the amount you are entitled to anyway (which is absolutely ridiculous and my partner has raised this issue to his bosses on multiple occasions however unfortunately it is an issue for MPs to rewrite the legislation and not up to DWP). My partner works as a case manager for the DWP and I am currently a student mum so all information should be correct. Also you can apply for childcare grants and discretionary funds for your university if they have them. Look at abebooks online for second hand textbooks or borrow from the library early on (message your class coordinators before they announce what textbook you need and they should be able to give the names to you) or keep an eye on gumtree, facebook marketplace etc at the end of the current student year for next year. Feel free to private message me for more ways to save money as a student parent. Also if you are a single parent you are entitled to single parent grants.

Louw12345 Wed 08-Aug-18 23:24:42

I agree with merlotmummy14. Only because I know my friend from university is on it. They said she wasn't allowed to keep her universal credit as she reviced too much money. She has 2 children and only gets child benefit. She has put in an appeal which they said wold be in 17 weeks however, it's been 33 weeks so far. She hasn't had help with rent either.

Personally I thinks it's wrong as you should be allowed what would be your child tax along side child benefit.

ivykaty44 Wed 08-Aug-18 23:30:20

But you must register that your a full time student with Council tax as otherwise they won’t know

Keep paying but go and get a letter from your uni giving the full dates of your course - take it to council tax to show and ask for any extra payments you’ve made to be refunded

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