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What do I need to buy for second baby?

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namaste86 Sat 26-May-18 12:09:45

I'm not pregnant yet but we are going to start TTC #2 in the next month or to. We currently have a 15 month old boy. We didn't find out the sex when I was pregnant so most of what we have is gender neutral (push chair, newborn clothes, toys, etc).

I want to start planning ahead (re: finances, etc) so realistically, what will I need for a second baby? We have all of the main items, and everything is in great condition so will reuse it all.

Currently on my list, I have:
Sleeping bag
Changing mat (current one is falling apart)
New soft toys + blanket
Newborn nappies + wipes

What you/did you reuse the following for baby #2?
Muslin clothes
Cloth wipes

DS was never a sicky baby so a lot are still in great condition. I'd obviously boil wash them all and would still pick up extra pack of each but don't want buy loads unless necessary.

We use cloth nappies so may just get a couple of extra ones, also. Hoping to breastfed for longer but will obviously need new bottles etc if required.

Anything else I'm missing out on?

Caterina99 Sat 26-May-18 15:31:58

Double buggy? Mine is essential with a 2.3 year age gap, but my oldest is a runner so it’s great to be able to contain him. Plus I go to a buggy exercise class with them both, but it does depend on your lifestyle if you need one.

Caterina99 Sat 26-May-18 15:34:44

And yes I reused things like bibs, muslins and cloth wipes. Bibs were mostly gross so not many of them survived.

sparklepops123 Sat 26-May-18 16:23:56

Anything that's in good condition I'd reuse, you may as well get the most of stuff you already have

DappledThings Sat 26-May-18 23:26:23

I didn't buy and new blankets or soft toys. We got given loads of both first time round.

Also just reused bibs, clothes and muslins. Didn't occur to me to put them in a boil wash! Just a normal one.

buffysummers4 Sun 27-May-18 06:37:40

I reused everything for the second unless it had actually fallen apart. I did get a few things we either hadn't needed or didn't have space for with number one which have been useful - swivel bath seat so I could have one hand free to give older one toys etc. Never had any kind of bath seat for the first. Also a changing table to change baby away from 'helpful' toddler. And I used the sling a LOT more - hardly used it at all with first. And I got a secondhand jumperoo - no way would I have paid full price for one though!! I would wait until you're pregnant though as depending on the age gap it may affect what you need (eg with a 3.5yr gap I didn't need a double buggy but did get a buggy board). Good luck!

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