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My baby won’t settle to feed

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FirstMumToBe Sat 26-May-18 08:11:25

My lo is 9 weeks and he seems so unsettled when it comes to feeding, he’s exclusively breast fed and he usually latches on without fail but seems past day he’s been crying as though he’s in pain/unsettled and keeps latching then pulling away.
It’s making me so upset seeing him like this, I had to give him calpol as he was drenched through with sweat when only wearing a babygrow and had a slight temp. What can I do to help him or what could be causing it ☹️
I keep thinking he could be teething, he’s constantly chewing on his hands and dribbling but didn’t know whether they could start at 9 weeks old.

mindutopia Sat 26-May-18 10:07:51

These fussy periods are normal. They can just be because they are overtired or have wind that needs to come up. But they happen much more frequently around developmental leaps (there is usually one around 10 ish weeks). I find walking around outside in the fresh air helps and singing. Anything that sort of snaps them out of it so they can feed and settle.

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