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Stopping breastfeeding and feeding to sleep

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Happygolucky12 Tue 22-May-18 21:27:45

I am returning to work next month and therefore need to stop breastfeeding (I work a mixture of day and night shifts) which also means I won’t be able to feed my (11 month old) baby to sleep any longer. She will take a bottle of formula but very slowly.....

My husband is not around much in evenings to help so I am after advice on how to break the feeding to sleep routine so I can stop breastfeeding? I have 4 weeks - is this doable? Feeling slightly stressed and guilty as she loves it but it will be impossible to continue when I am back at work

SeasideDreams Wed 23-May-18 22:41:26

I think you’ll find if you’re not there then the rules are different! My husband was the same and I was dreading going back to work because of this.... I had to work long evenings for a week at a particular project and he found a way to settle her himself eventually! He gives her ‘Daddy milk’ in a bottle blush Will he be putting her to bed when you’re not there? Mine is 2 now and would still want to feed to sleep with me if I’m available (!!) Try to relax - at that age they just have to adapt, and they do.

Lazypuppy Thu 24-May-18 05:58:02

The health visitors always told me to put baby into moses basket/cot awake so they learn to settle themeselves. May take a few nights, but make sure your LO is tired, feed as normal then when bottle is empty put them in cot and leave will probably have to go in a couple of times to shh and help settle them. But if they are tired they should go to sleep

wendz86 Thu 24-May-18 06:40:53

I gave milk in a cup and cuddled instead . First couple of nights there was lots of crying but they got used to it quickly .

Happygolucky12 Thu 24-May-18 20:56:36

Thanks everyone

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