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Free flowing sippy cup vs doidy cup/tiny beaker

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CheesecakeAddict Sun 20-May-18 18:53:38

I have a 6 month old who is a sudden bottle refuser because she is a nightmare teether. I have tried changing the teat but to no avail. She has very good hand eye coordination and has taken to blw a charm so have thought about trying to get her to use a beaker but she still loves to toss things into her lap in the high chair so I'm not sure.

In your experiences, what is better: the free flowing sippy cup or beaker type cups and are there any that you'd recommend?

GummyGoddess Sun 20-May-18 19:04:25

Dc wouldn't use a beaker for ages so was drinking out of my glass for months. He refused all beakers that we tried.

Eventually he started getting dehydrated because he was getting cross when I offered him a drink, so nursery helped us with encouraging him to use any cup at all. We have the cheap tommee tippee ones which are they only ones he will drink from, but now he drinks like a fish!

morethantired Sun 20-May-18 19:55:49

We loved the miracle 360 cups, nuby soft spout beaker and a straw cup, the straw was the same material as teats and the soft spout

morethantired Sun 20-May-18 19:56:57

Never used a doidy cup and didn't get on well with anything free flowing or the plastic beakers

INeedNewShoes Sun 20-May-18 19:59:08

The munchkin 360 seems to be very much the in thing with all the parents of babies/toddlers that I know.

sthitch Sun 20-May-18 20:25:30

The munchkin 360 is brilliant, my 9m old has been a terrible water drinker but has finally started to use this cup over all the other ones.

GummyGoddess Sun 20-May-18 21:53:00

Argh! Bloody Munchkin cup! He liked it for about 20 minutes and has refused to drink from it ever again unless it's someone else's (and almost everyone seems to use it as you say). Point blank refuses to let it get anywhere near his mouth if it's offered to him by me.

He does like his doidy cup but he's only having closed beakers at the moment due to a love of showering himself with it (currently 19 months). We will try again in a few months with an open cup.

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