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activities for toddlers

(4 Posts)
Mog Mon 15-Jul-02 22:00:02

My 13 month old seems happy enough to just explore the world at the moment with simple objects giving endless fasination. But should I be doing something more educational and/or structured with her. Anyone got any ideas to try?

PamT Mon 15-Jul-02 22:11:54

Its nice for tots to meet other children their own age even though they don't really play together at this age. Are you able to go to any mums and toddler groups? I love going because I get chance to have a natter with the other mums whilst the children play - its the social event of my week! (How sad is that )

Bozza Tue 16-Jul-02 17:12:01

Mog it sounds like your little one is learning through exploration. You could fill a kitchen cupboard with suitable objects to investigate.

Also supervised (at a small distance to avoid getting soaked IME) water play goes down really well with DS. We use 1/2 of DS's sandpit but a washing up bowl would work equally with suitable toys (eg seive, large spoon, beaker etc). Great for this weather too.

DS was also probably about 13 months when he started to enjoy those shape games (ie putting shape in correct hole - although we have to point out which is correct hole..).

Enid Tue 16-Jul-02 18:55:18

I agree with Pamt, IMO the best thing you can do at this age is to socialise with her. Read lots of books together, listen to music with clapping songs etc, sand play, toy telephones are very popular at this age. Also, simple 'hiding and finding' games are good fun at this age, hiding a toy under a blanket (leaving a bit showing at first until they get the idea), then working up to proper toy hide and seek.

Talk to her lots!

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