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Baby video monitors - any recommendations please?

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CremeDeSudo Wed 25-Apr-18 12:13:38

It's a bit of a minefield!

I want a video monitor with night vision, white noise if possible.

CremeDeSudo Wed 25-Apr-18 19:50:15


Smellybears Wed 25-Apr-18 19:58:01

I like my bt 6000 I’ve recebtky bought. Large screen, £85 from John Lewis, but unfortunately no white noise. I have a separate white noise maker.

ConfessionsOfTeenageDramaQueen Wed 25-Apr-18 21:37:28

I sing the praises to anyone who will listen about our HelloBaby monitor. I hate anything complex and this is literally a plug-in and you're done, job. Doesn't transmit to phone but has night vision, microphone (for you to talk to baby too). You can buy extra cameras for it (e.g. for other rooms) to use on one monitor. I love it.

Raisinglittlens Wed 25-Apr-18 23:05:20

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

CremeDeSudo Thu 26-Apr-18 10:09:04

Thank you all. I have both the BT 6000 and HelloBaby one in my Amazon List at the mo. So many to choose from!

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