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Sudden bed wetting in 5 year old

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notmypropername Mon 23-Apr-18 21:04:23

Out of the blue my son has started wetting the bed. Last night was the 5th night in a row. This is very unusual for him, tbh since potty training at 3 I don't think it's had an accident. He can't explain why, not overly tired etc. Has a wee before bed

Twitchett22 Mon 23-Apr-18 22:19:18

Has anything changed in his life? E.g family dynamics, moved schools etc? Sometimes it can be caused by worrying over something. But take him to the GP to check it's not a urine infection and I'd recommend speaking to his school nurse, they can give you tips on how to help him. He needs to be drinking at least 1400ml of fluid a day, 2/3 of that during school time. This means his bladder will stretch to the right size to hold enough urine through the night. Dont take him to the toilet whilst he's still asleep as it doesn't help. Make sure he's drinking that amount and if not then speak to the school nurse. And don't let anyone fob you off saying 'it's his age he'll grow out of it'. NICE guidelines say it should be treated as early as possible. Good luck with it!

notmypropername Tue 24-Apr-18 02:36:53

Thank you so much twit. Going to book in docs tomorrow

rizkhanjr Tue 24-Apr-18 21:31:25

Get a good bedwetting alarm. That may help. One Stop Bedwetting is a good resource to buy one.
Good luck!

worried1254 Wed 25-Apr-18 06:45:31

I read that this can be a sign of worms! And this did happen to my DC at the same age (5) when they contracted worms. As soon as the worms were fully treated the bedwetting stopped and it never occurred since. It might not be that at all but just wanted to mention it x

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