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Step Father attempted suicide

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happydaddy91 Mon 23-Apr-18 11:49:14

Hello, I'm a father of a 3 year old boy. This weekend his mum messaged me asking if I could keep him an extra night to which I immediately agreed but also asked why (she has health issues and other issues which I feel are important things for me to be kept in the loop about) after a very drawn out texting conversation, as she wasn't happy to discuss things over the phone, she told me that her partner has attempted to commit suicide and that it was better if our son wasn't around that night to see them upset but he wouldn't be in the house tomorrow as he is back in work so I could drop my son back off then. I have offered my support and have tried to contact today to meet up and discuss things (nicely and supportively) mainly with the aim of establishing whether my son is safe in the house or around her partner but also to offer help and support if needed.

I know mental health is a serious thing and I don't want to cause any further stress but the only detail I have is that he has tried to commit suicide and it's not the first time. Am I right to shield my son from all this by keeping him at my house until we have managed to sit down together as parents and both understand what is happening in their house and how or if it may affect our son, currently she his mum is avoiding meeting up and is acting like all this can blow over.

Any and all advice would be grateful, and please don't assume that I am trying to score points over my child's mother I genuinely am willing to give my 100% support to her and her partner however my priority is and always will be the best interests of my son.

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