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Suggestions for On-Line Activities for Remote Parenting?

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ambitw Sat 21-Apr-18 15:38:30

I work a lot away from home and have regular Skype calls with my 9-year-old DD

To be honest, sometimes it's difficult finding topics to talk about.

After all, if I were home, we wouldn't just sit and talk, we'd be doing something instead: arts & crafts, outside...

Any suggestions of activities we could do over the Net? confused

Are there some multi-player kids games we could play on-line, using WiFi? football

Or other activities we can do remotely? bear

We've played some games on Naver Line; they're fun and cute, but we can't play for too long

iPhone-to-iPhone has a great game app within its Messages app. But these only work using the SMS system, and we need WiFi

Looking forward to your suggestions so I can be a better parent to my DD halo

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