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Did anyone’s baby stop moving when learning to crawl?!

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Lemondrop99 Fri 20-Apr-18 12:43:11

DS has always been desperate to get on the move. He learned to roll one way at 3.5 months and did so obsessively. He finally learned however to roll the other way at 5 months. He was all over the place, rolling everywhere, pivoting, inching, commando crawling etc. He seemed very intent on learning to crawl.

He’s now 6.5 months and we just moved his toys into a bigger room so he had more room to move.... an he’s stopped moving 😂

I haven’t seen him roll any distance all week (can roll front/back, but he used to keep going across the whole room). I mean, he pivots a bit and commando crawls occasionally, but he’s mostly just lying on his belly in the sky dive/swimming pose holding all his limbs off the ground. Hes tried to pull his bum/knees up a bit. He’s getting whingey and frustrated that he’s not moving but won’t be lured forward to commando crawl towards a toy now, he just gets frustrated but doesn’t try.

He’s always been a “obsessive work on one thing at a time” type baby, so I’m assuming that this sky dive pose is him working something out in his head (even if it seems a step backwards from commando crawling!). It’s just so weird to see my active baby in the same spot for ages! Is this normal and just part of crawling?

absolutelycrackers Fri 20-Apr-18 16:12:11

No I've never heard of that .

I'd see a gp

moita Sat 21-Apr-18 03:04:14

I'd talk to your health visitor or GP

SaveTheNorks Sat 21-Apr-18 03:40:37

I'm pretty sure the sky dive/swimming is developmentally normal and good progress! Takes a lot of strength to do that position.

Mine is 8 months old now and has been doing the swimming for a couple of months, he seems to like doing it. Some days he's in a roll everywhere kind of mood, others he just wants to sky dive! No crawling yet but DS1 never crawled either, he walked at 10 months.

I mean speak to your HV/GP for reassurance but it does sound normal to me and in my experience with my own children.

Lemondrop99 Sat 21-Apr-18 09:37:50

Thanks. I’ve found this website which shows the swimming pose which he’s doing, and as you say Norks, it suggests that it’s all part of the process and takes a lot of strength. DS loves to be on his tummy which is why I think he is quite strong in that position (his sitting up isn’t so good as he doesn’t enjoy it so doesn’t practice it as much).

Obviously if things don’t improve over the next month, I’ll think about taking to my GP but I’m not currently worried, my gut feeling is that it’s just a stage he’s working on. It just seemed really weird that a stationary stage would be prioritised over his commando crawling, seems like a step back to me!

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