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Help! Potty training - night time

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SparklesandBubbles Sun 25-Feb-18 00:04:41

Help! We've just tried to take our 27 month old for a last pee before we went to bed. He has got us up at 3am to go for a wee the last couple of nights so we thought it was a good idea for him to empty his bladder. Started off great with him going straight on the potty and doing a big wee but then resulted in a complete and utter melt down for over 30minutes (which is very out of character for him). I wonder if it's because we woke him and it was all a bit of a shock. My DH is dealing with him at the moment as I seemed to be making things worse so I've stepped away. How do you handle it? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

MinnieMousse Sun 25-Feb-18 00:10:03

I wouldn't even attempt nighttime training at that age. I'm super impressed that he woke you to go to the toilet at night. Both my DC were dry during the day shortly after their second birthday but were in pull-ups at night for another year.

LovingLola Sun 25-Feb-18 00:11:29

Let him wake you if he needs to. Don't instigate it otherwise.

minipie Sun 25-Feb-18 00:13:15

27 months is very young to be trying to be dry at night and he doesn't sound ready if he's regularly waking for a 3am wee. Have you taken him out of night nappies? If so I'd put him back in. If he's waking up for a wee despite being in nappies I think the best approach is telling him he's allowed to wee in his nappy when he needs to.

My DD1 would always meltdown at that age if woken in the evening, as she was so deeply asleep. I think you are supposed to take them to the loo without waking them if you are following the "lifting" approach, I never managed it though and think it'sbetter to wait till they can generally go all night without a wee.

SparklesandBubbles Sun 25-Feb-18 00:32:35

Thanks for your responses.

He's still in night nappies. We weren't even going to attempt any night time training for ages but we started potty training two weeks ago and he's been dry every day after his 2hr daytime naps and mostly overnight as well. He started waking us overnight. I think perhaps it was the wrong choice to put him on the potty late at night!!

SandLand Sun 25-Feb-18 00:58:15

Don't wake him! If he wakes and wants a wee, great. But otherwise let him sleep. In a nappy if desired so you don't need to be changing sheets in the middle of the night.
When the night happy is dry consistently, then take it off.

Rach000 Sun 25-Feb-18 02:31:37

We lift my daughter of bed for a wee at about half 10. She sits on a potty does a wee and goes back into bed straight asleep. Sometimes has a bit of a whimper when we do it but goes to sleep ok.
We potty trained about 2.5 and she started to be dry nearly every night soon after even though we wasn't putting her on a potty for a wee at that point. After a couple of months we stopped using pull ups as she wouldn't wee in them and would wake if she needed a wee so we then started getting her to wee on a potty. If we don't do it on time we have had a couple of accidents!!
So I would wait to see what he does with pull ups a night a bit longer.

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