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Inappropriately dressed teenage niece

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Siamf Thu 22-Feb-18 20:35:14

My 14 year old niece posts photos on social media where she is inappropriately dressed, caked in makeup and posing in a provocative manner. I hate it and have kicked off with both her and her Mum several times (full on arguments).
However our extended family 'like' the pictures!!! (aunts, cousins etc) which is making me look terrible. Am I wrong????

PenguinsandPandas Thu 22-Feb-18 20:37:15

I wouldn't be happy if my daughter was doing that but as she's not your daughter I would keep out of it.

dementedpixie Thu 22-Feb-18 20:40:07

As it's not your daughter you don't really get a say especially if her parents don't bother about it

SomeKnobend Thu 22-Feb-18 20:41:48

In what way is her clothing inappropriate? Is she in underwear? Swimwear? How are her privacy settings, can only friends see the photos or can anyone? What's your main concern?

DextroDependant Thu 22-Feb-18 20:50:38

I don't think its your place to kick off but I would have a chat to her mum.

Benandhollysmum Sat 14-Apr-18 02:05:41

Best stay out of neices are all about the snapchat filters
sit back and watch these kids grow up and explain to their own children why they look like wax work dummies and where there dogs ears times ahead for them.

lattewith3shotsplease Sat 14-Apr-18 02:15:20

Its good you want to protect your Niece, but unfortunately her parents are not bothered.

Best stop trying before you become the" bad guy"

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Sat 14-Apr-18 02:32:22

Ermmn yes how do you mean inappriotely dressed? Unless shes showinv her private areas, i think you might find off the sholder tops belly showing tops and hot pants are just what teenagers wear, you might be expecting ger to be s bit more modest but you cant really its not how teenagers dress.

And how do you mean posing provacatly is she doing that horriable mouth open looking up like giving a Blow job face, giving the doe eyed come on, these are adult perceptions on what teenagers do innocently.

Face caked in make up, yep thats been part of growing up since well at least the 80's and probably before

Im sorry but if your arguong with hsr mum your over stepping your mark, its the faft that your arging with her mum that makes me wonder if shes not dressing in appriotely just fashionably and you feel that she should be more modest

Ski40 Sat 14-Apr-18 02:39:25

I would hate my daughter flaunting herself in social media, but I would also hate my sister butting in tbh.
If her mum is ok with it there is not much you can do except don't look at her posts if it bothers you that much. Teenage girls go through phases of dressing a bit tarty to copy their idols and get boys' attention but unless she is actually topless or something it should be harmless enough and something she eventually grows out of.
--You should have seen my hotpants when I
was 15 --

Dvg Sat 14-Apr-18 02:40:30

Sorry but you sound a bit.. crazy to me.

She isn't your daughter or your problem.

I would not like it if a family member was trying to parent my child whether the child needed it or not and she's not the first 14 year old to wear too little and cake her makeup.

I hate that kids do it BUT it's not my business and not my problem... I have my own life.

CircleofWillis Sat 14-Apr-18 03:07:08

I completely understand where you are coming from OP. These types of pictures online do not help with a child’s safety. My 14 year old niece has met up with strange men she encountered through social media. Her photos online make her look much older and her poses and dress are all fully clothed but glamour model style. Cleavage shots in low cut tops and butt shots in tight shiny leggings.
I’ve spoken to my sister about how open her social media is and how much information she reveals online but until these incidents with adult men she dismissed my concerns as prudish.
I am so worried about her and don’t want her to be harmed as at 14 she does not have the social knowledge and experience to protect herself. Hence meeting up with strange adult males.

whiteroseredrose Sat 14-Apr-18 07:00:35

Sorry but I think it's not your job to 'kick off'. Mention but leave it to her mum. You focus on your own children.

Petalflowers Sat 14-Apr-18 07:04:39

Okay to mention your concerns in a civilised matter. Not okay to have full on arguements. You’ve voiced your concerns. There’s no more you can do.

NukaColaGirl Sat 14-Apr-18 07:07:02

I would tell you to jog the fuck on if you were my sister. hmm

Inappropriately dressed? How? More like you just don’t agree with how she dresses but I assume her parents still buy her clothes, meaning they approve. As for the make up, most teens wear it.

BertrandRussell Sat 14-Apr-18 07:12:26

“Kicking off” is a ridiculous way for an adult to respond to anything. Having a sensible conversation about internet safety, on the other hand.......

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