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Best Anti-Colic Bottles

(15 Posts)
newmummytonoah2016 Thu 22-Feb-18 10:36:50


Was wondering if anyone could recommend some good anti-colic bottles please? I’m expecting my next baby in June and my first little boy suffered with colic and I used the standard tommee tippee bottles for him so I’m wanting to try another one this time.

I’ve heard Dr Browns bottles are good for that? Has anyone had first had experience of these please? Also do they fit in a tommee tippee steriliser?


CinnamonStix Thu 22-Feb-18 12:15:26

I used Tommee Tippee for DS1, they were fine for him, but didn't agree with DS2, who would be full of wind. We used Dr Brown's bottles with him and DD. They are a faff to put together and the writing on the bottle is ridiculously hard to read, but definitely worthwhile. DS2 and DD didn't need to burp as much as DS1.

Try and get hold of the old style Dr Brown bottles though. I found the new ones (where the rubber bit inside is green) use to leak ALL THE TIME. Dr Brown's customer services told me they discontinued the old style in the UK, but I think you can still get them abroad. Also - I know they're tacky looking - but the blue and pink Dr Brown bottles are in the old style.

I'm not sure if they fit in a Tommee Tippee steriliser, I use a Dr Brown's microwave one.

MagicFajita Thu 22-Feb-18 12:21:44

I use Dr browns bottles and while they do leak on occasion they keep my son's colic at bay.

You can load six of them into a tommee tippee steriliser but as the bottles are tall and there are lots of extra bits , I have removed the top tray and lay the teats across two bottles like a bridge and put the vents down the sides of the bottles. It's far from ideal but my Tommee tippee starter pack went largely unused due to the bottles not suiting my son so am determined to use that damn steriliser!

Ideally though I'd have purchased a different one.

WakeUpFromYourDreamAndScream Thu 22-Feb-18 12:37:53

Dr Browns are amazing

Smellybears Thu 22-Feb-18 14:00:41

I’m using dr drowns and haven’t had any problem with leaking at all. The trick is to SWIRL the formula, DO NOT SHAKE! Also, when I was researching I read many people complaining about taking them apart.....I don’t see a problem with them!
Mam bottles are meant to be good too. I like that you put them in the microwave to sterilize rather than having to have a separate sterilizer.
I read more info about the dr browns bottles which is why I chose them and am very happy with them smile

Kittysparks1 Thu 22-Feb-18 15:22:43

Mam anti colic bottles for me and two other mums I know have been amazing. They are self sterilising and have very lovely patterns on them. Also very easy to clean. TT bottles gave my ds awful gas/wind.

TheBlindspot Thu 22-Feb-18 15:27:30

I used Dr Brown's vented ones after trying standard TT and TT anti-colic (which were rubbish and eleven the size zero flowed stupidly fast). They we're a game changer for my silent refluxer. Really helped (along with medication).

Yes, swirl don't shake - and as a PP said you can use the TT steriliser with the top taken out if you've already got it.

I have also heard good things about MAM but haven't used them myself.

custardcream1988 Thu 22-Feb-18 15:32:05

Another MAM anti-colic fan over here. DD refuses Tommie Tippee but would take MAM so we've carried on using them for DD2.

Lazypuppy Thu 22-Feb-18 18:48:12

MAM bottles!!

Aprilshowerswontbelong Thu 22-Feb-18 18:50:10

MAM ones you sterilise in the microwave from tk maxx at a fraction of rrp.

xamyrose Thu 22-Feb-18 19:26:15

I used DR brown and Tommee Tippee anti colic bottles.

I found the teat on the DR brown bottles massive compared to the tommee tippee ones and my DD got on with them better. Plus the same as previous posters, DR brown bottles leaked all the time!

selftitledalbum Thu 22-Feb-18 19:29:26


newmummytonoah2016 Thu 22-Feb-18 20:19:07

Wow thanks so much everyone! Will have a look into the Dr Browns and Mam and see what’s going to be best. Could do to use the tommee tippee steriliser just to save a bit of money really to not shell out for another! These Mam ones that sterilise in the microwave sound fab though.

CinnamonStix Fri 23-Feb-18 10:07:28

I do swirl the milk and don't shake... Also made made formula 1/4 boiling water and the rest cold water so the bottle wasn't pressurised. Didn't make a difference with the green cap bottles, they still leaked EVERYWHERE. I even complained to Dr Brown's and they sent me new bottles, which did the same thing... I use the old style bottles now, in the hideous pink...

Makingworkwork Fri 23-Feb-18 10:10:06

We used MAM bootles and a tommee tippe steriliser. You can’t flash cool a hot MAM bottle in water.

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