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If you have a 14 week old...

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HopelesslyHopeful87 Thu 22-Feb-18 09:25:20

Please give me a rough idea of your day to day routine, or lack of.

My DD is 14 weeks and I'm trying to implement a loose routine just to help with recognising night and day and to try and get a bit of a pattern to her naps. However, I think I'm wasting my time. Am I??

Currently, she has her morning bottle about 7am and is then tired about 8.30 - 9am. She naps. If on me will sleep about 2 hours. If on my bed will sleep about 2 hours. If in her crib, only 30 minutes and is then grouchy. Why is that? She then feeds three hourly throughout the day so we're on a 7, 10, 1, 4, 7 schedule. She'll then mostly nap every two to three hours.

We bath at 6pm and then in nightclothes and grobag with lights dimmed and 7pm bottle. She's asleep usually by 8pm and in her crib. We dream feed at about 11pm as we go to bed. She then wakes at about 4am. If she feeds at 4am she will refuse her 7am bottle. If she doesn't then she will feed at 7am as usual.

She takes a 5oz bottle at the moment.

I feel like if we have a really good nap day we have a better night and I really want to get it sorted.

So if anyone has any words of wisdom please let me know and share your day with me 😊

Countingsheeeep Thu 22-Feb-18 09:33:25

Your current routine sounds great, tbh asking for more than that is a big ask.

Nap wise, babies just sleep better in the day when close to mum, in time lo will become better at sleeping in the cot but ime it takes time.

I think you are doing great, keep doing what you are doing!

mommybear1 Thu 22-Feb-18 09:39:06

Hi my DS is 16 weeks and his sleep has been dreadful he is a cat napper! Your nighttime routine sounds great. What I find in the daytime is watching for signs of his tiredness and then trying my trick book to get him off to sleep so that's bottle/rocking/story/stroking his face (whatever works grin!) I find if I can get him to nap more in the day he will settle for longer at night. I've only recently started to note his signs of tiredness as he is really alert and doesn't like to sleep hmm. What you are doing sounds good to me I have read it takes 10 days for baby's to get used to routines so perhaps you just need a bit more time? Good luck thanks

RoryAndLogan Thu 22-Feb-18 09:41:38

You sound like you are doing really well!

My routine at 14 weeks was:

Feed constantly, dc would take at least 90 minutes to feed still.
If not feeding, be screamed at all day and night by a baby who had silent reflux and wouldn't be put down even for 30 seconds.
They occasionally fell asleep on me for 15 minutes.

We got no semblance of a routine until at least 5 months when they started to scream ever so slightly less confused

HopelesslyHopeful87 Thu 22-Feb-18 09:42:26

Thanks guys.

She had severe bronchiolitis a couple of weeks ago and was in hospital for 8 days so her feeds were dramatically reduced and we've done well to get them back up to 5oz.

The two nights at home after she was discharged she slept through and in my naivety thought we'd cracked it but she's very much back to her usual self this week.

She's my third and I feel like I'm doing it all over again for the first time after a 7 year gap between her and my DS. I feel like I know nothing!

HopelesslyHopeful87 Thu 22-Feb-18 09:43:13

She also has reflux and is on ranitidine and gaviscon and seems well controlled at the moment.

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