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How do I get dd to settle herself to sleep on her own and stay in crib.

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Gigimoll Wed 14-Feb-18 21:30:06

Our mistake with dd was bringing her into our bed during the 4 month sleep regression. There's also been times when she's been ill and we've bought her in to keep an eye on her.
She's 10 months old now and she wont sleep in her crib. If she does it'll be for 2 hours in the night.
I'll add she's not in her own room right now due to no heating in the bedrooms and her room is far too big for a little plug in heater to do anything. Even in her crib now matter how much I put her in layers, vest, sleepsuit, grow bag and then two blankets she wakes up so so cold still. Its ridiculous. I can't afford heating upstairs yet so that's our situation. But sleep seems to be an issue. I have no problems comforting her or night feeds. It's the fact I have to lie with her for hours at night for her to sleep. An she is tired, she just fights. Kicks me in the stomach (which isn't good now I'm 33w pregnant) she just can't settle herself and I feel like now she should be learning to soothe herself a little bit. I won't let her cry it out as I believe it's bad for her. I've tried the cry it out where I'm next to her. I never leave her side but still nothing. She just gets angry. Any advice?

Mrsharper88 Thu 15-Feb-18 00:01:45

Hi, have you tried the gradual retreat? You sit with the baby and gradually leave the room but by bit. This has worked with my DS although can take a few nights. When he is poorly he always regresses and once he’s well enough we use this method again and it eventually works. I usually stick some head phones in and listen to a podcast while I do this, but it is tiring and time consuming. If she isn’t used to sleeping in her cot then it may take even longer to settle her so it might get worse before it gets better.
Hope you find a method that works for you, I’m sure you will x

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 15-Feb-18 06:57:55

Could you give up on the crib and put a single mattress down on the floor for her instead? Appreciate this is probably a cost but it means you can lie with her to get her to sleep and then get into your bed. Then when it's warmer or if you can get the heating back on, she could go on her mattress in her room, but she's still got the option of comfort from you.

I did this with my DS at 12mo and it's been great.

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