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How much does your 8mo eat?

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SleepForTheWeek Wed 14-Feb-18 12:16:43

Not sure if DD2 is eating too much solids, she's bf and only having 3 or 4 short feeds during the day and only a few sips of water (has a couple of better feeds during the night)

For breakfast she'll usually have 1/2 a weetabix with a couple oz of milk and mixed with fruit purée, she'll also have fruit (usually a whole pear). She'll eat all of this.

Lunch is usually finger foods. Maybe a slice of toast with avocado (will eat most of it), and cheese, fruit, veg fingers etc. She'll also have yogurt.

Dinner she'll either have what we are having (if appropriate), she'll eat pretty much anything. Last night I gave her a Ella's kitchen dinner pouch (the 10month stuff) and she ate the whole lot.

If she has snacks they are usually melty puffs. Rich tea biscuits, fruit or veg.

She's a petite baby, only on the 25th percentile, but seems to have a huge appetite.

Should I try limit her solids and increase her milk feeds? (Won't take any from bottle or cup). Seems a shame when she's enjoying food so much but I know at this stage milk should be her primary food source?

mindutopia Wed 14-Feb-18 13:31:26

I think that sounds fine. I would just go with it. Particularly as you're offering her real foods and not force feeding her purees, she'll be able to judge for herself what she needs. Mine was having slightly less food still at that age (we were doing blw 100% of the time from 6 months so she was still getting the hang of feeding herself). But by 10 months, definitely it would be normal for her to have pretty sizeable meals. Breakfast was often a whole adult sized bowl of porridge (I'd load the spoon for her and she'd feed herself) and often a whole banana. I couldn't even eat that much! I would say that other meals would be similar at that age to what your dd is eating now. Mine was also on 25th centile. If she needs more milk, she'll take it, so I wouldn't worry about that and just keep doing what you're doing.

Smurfy23 Wed 14-Feb-18 20:17:53

Sounds about right. I would see if she wants more food rather than less.

Has she always been on 25th percentile?

SleepForTheWeek Wed 14-Feb-18 23:39:05

Yea she's always been on the 25th although haven't had her weighed for a month which is when she started eating loads so will be interesting to see if that's made a difference - she gets weighed next week for her 8 month check.

I do think she needs to be taking in more liquids though - her bowel movements are quite firm and a bit of effort to pass (although doesn't upset her)

Smurfy23 Thu 15-Feb-18 07:46:11

Yeah if shes remained on the same percentile or gone up then its fine. If youre still worried its always good to chat to the HVs when you go to the weighing clinic.

Just keep going as you are and make sure you offer plenty of water when shes eating so she stays hydrated

masktaster Thu 15-Feb-18 07:50:05

DS is 8mo, BLW and breastfed.

Breakfast he'll eat half to three quarters of a Weetabix, or a decent bowl of porridge or most of a slice of toast and banana/peanut butter/whatever.

A fairly typical lunch would be a big rice cake (he'll eat anywhere from half to all of it) or a few pieces of pasta, half a slice of quorn ham, a little bit of cheese, half a banana/some other fruit. Sometimes cooked carrot sticks instead of fruit. Whatever makes sense and is easy to grab really.

Dinner is typically what we're having - last night a vegetable, bean and lentil stew and rice. He usually eats a good amount here, but sometimes isn't interested.

Offered water with all meals, doesn't always drink it.

He doesn't really snack, but if he does it's fruit (if not had much at meals), rice cakes (easy to eat in the sling on the go), etc.

Typically breastfed on waking up, after breakfast, after lunch, an hour or so before dinner, bedtime (needs it to get to sleep still), and twice through the night, though more or less depending on him. So 3/4 day feeds, normally. His night feeds are definitely his best, though!

He's also 25th for weight, and seems to have a pretty healthy appetite - sounds like your DD does too. If she was thirsty she'd let you know.

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