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Naps in dark/light room

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hayleys1 Tue 13-Feb-18 10:17:31

Hello all,
DD has been going in her bed for naps during the day but doesn't tend to sleep for that long like she does if out in her pram or in her car seat (may be the motion!). I just wondered if you make their room dark or keep it light for their daytime naps so they know the difference between night or day? She sleeps well in her pram or car seat when out and about and have been worried thinking if I make her bedroom dark for naps then she won't nap if it isn't dark wherever she is, or does it not work like that?!
Thanks for any advice smile

ThatGirl82 Tue 13-Feb-18 10:30:11

Hi! I have a 17 week old DD. Previously we decided that we would keep her room light for naps so that she wouldn’t get used to only sleeping in the dark and then not be able to nap in other places. However, a few weeks ago when she was only having really short naps and getting overtired, we tried making her room dark, she has since napped for 2-3 hours on occasion! Sometimes she still has shorter naps but I do think being in the dark really helps. She can still nap in her pram or car seat (although it can take a while for her to get to sleep as she is looking at everything around her!)

I wouldn’t worry about it confusing her with night and day, I think by a certain age they just know the difference. I think whatever helps them nap (dark/quiet/white noise etc) is worth doing as a well rested baby is much easier than a tired one.

user1493413286 Tue 13-Feb-18 10:33:48

My 9 month DD started napping much longer after I started pulling the hood of the pram completely down so it’s dark for her. She wouldn’t nap in her cot but before when she napped in a bouncy chair she’d wake after less than an hour which I think was the light.
Having said that when she was newborn I used to make sure it wa relatively light when she slept in the day (at that point she would sleep in her Moses basket) as I wanted to establish night and day so if she hasn’t established that yet I’d keep daytime naps in the light.

headintheproverbial Tue 13-Feb-18 10:36:17

I think they sleep better in the dark. I suppose it depends how often you think she'll have to sleep when it isn't dark - if it is frequently then maybe not a good idea to tie sleeping to the dark. However if the majority of naps will be at home in bed then make it easy for yourself and have the room dark! Plus if they are napping out they often have the motion of the car / buggy to keep them asleep, and don't rely on the dark quite so much.

hayleys1 Tue 13-Feb-18 10:58:31

Thanks so much for all your advice! She is nearly 17weeks so understands the difference between night and day so I shall try her napping in the complete dark and see how we go smile
It has taken me ages to manage to get her in her cot for her naps and she always wanted to be on me during the day so I've just been worried to confuse her and not continue to have these vital mins to get some food/put some washing in!!
Thanks again

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