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2.8month old and night wakings

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Buppydipsandsoldiers Tue 13-Feb-18 07:44:15

Hi, after having been so anxious about my dd sleep for what seemed so long I finally managed to relax when she started sleeping through consistently well. Three weeks ago she woke screaming and shaking in the early hours of the morning and the only option I felt I had was to bring her into our bed, after about 45 mins she did resettle and went back to sleep. I have always tried to resettle in her cot and not bring her into our bed in case dd gets used to it. Anyway for the next three weeks she did fine. Last night we had exactly the same, she goes from nothing to screaming and shaking and trying to crawl up my arms to get out of her cot so naturally I bring her in with us again and after 45 mins she is asleep. I don’t mind her coming in every now and then and obviously want to help her when she needs us but am worried about the old proverbial of making a rod for our own back. My anxiety levels have always been high over her sleep for some reason. She has one final back molar to come in, I’m wondering if it could be that or perhaps nightmares. Does anyone have any advice please, am I doing the right thing?brew

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Wed 14-Feb-18 09:27:52

You are doing absolutely the right thing. Please don’t believe that old adage. You are being there for your DD when she needs you and nothing is wrong about that. I had both of mine in bed with me when they were babies and the youngest still comes in if she’s ill. They both love their own beds smile

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