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Coping with 2 and feeling out of control.

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SnowWhite26 Mon 12-Feb-18 06:55:51

I dont no which thread to put this on. I hope this one is ok. I have a 2.5 year old who is happy healthy sleeps well etc.. I am 14 weeks pregnant and starting to get crazy hormones. In my first pregnancy and first few months of babies life I really struggled with emotions, getting cross really easily etc. It turned out I had pms when I eventually asked the doctor. Anyway we live in a 2 bed flat which is quite spacious but I am starting to panic about the anger and emotions. In those first few months of my lo's life I was so sleep deprived like so many mums and really didnt cope well. Also I have had a few friends have there first babies recently and they all seem to be breastfeeding perfectly (something i really struggled with) and just kinda getting on with it with not much anger and crazy hormones at all. I am so jealous. It just brings home how hormonal I was. Is there anyone out there that has any ideas how to help my hormones and keep me calm lol or just gone through the same . Thankyou. X

LadyLooLaa Mon 12-Feb-18 07:03:21

I had severe pnd with my first and was terrified of it happening again (not quite the same as your situation I know, but I can sympathise with that feeling of dread at the same happening again). I got as organised as I could before the baby came. I spoke to a counsellor so that if I needed it, I’d hit the ground running. I saw the doctor. I spoke to the health visitor. I primed my family.
I did get pnd again but I was treated almost instantly so it wasn’t as bad.
On a separate note, and I know you didn’t ask, but having number two was nowhere near as dramatic in terms of life hange as the first. My life had already been changed by baby number 1 so number w didn’t have as much of an impact iyswim. I think this also helped to make my second bout less severe.
Congratulations on your baby and I hope all goes well for you.

TaylorJade77 Tue 13-Feb-18 15:11:23

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