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"How to talk so kdis will listenand listen so kids will talk" - anyone want to go trhough this book?

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PetronellaPinkPants Tue 01-May-07 17:01:47

So instead do you just rip all their clothes off and chuck them in a snow drift?

CristinaTheAstonishing Tue 01-May-07 17:01:10

It's an excellent book. After much sniggering about it, even DH had to admit it was pretty good after reading "the important bits", as he put it.

Porcupine Tue 01-May-07 17:00:30

ok fisrt idea

accept your kids feelings
( snowy day) kid - Im hot
parent " you arent hot its freezeing"

ie parent deying kdis feeling

NuttyMuffins Tue 01-May-07 16:59:58

Can't actually go through it yet as have only just this sec brought it off ebay, but will sit quietly in the corner and listen

Porcupine Tue 01-May-07 16:59:21

lol at first line" i was a wonderful parent before i had kids"

Porcupine Tue 01-May-07 16:58:45

and see hwat we think of it?

Its wuite heavy reading( not intellectually) just very close set type and lots of americna egs
But i reckon we cna do it.

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